EMP Customer Solutions

Aerospace Parts Inspection

Challenge: Automate the data entry process for a serial number that is laser etched onto a Titanium component.

Solution: Cognex 7600 smart camera, DOAL lighting, custom fixture, presence sensor, and scale.

Story: An aerospace component manufacturer reached out to the engineers at EMP Technical Group to help automate one of their manual processes. One of the components that the customer manufactures is a titanium piece that is carefully placed in a turbine according to its exact weight. The component is placed on a scale and the weight is automatically stored into the necessary database. This weight needs to be matched to the serial number that is marked directly on the titanium component.

The customer was manually entering each serial number. This was taking a significant amount of time and leaving too much room for human error. The engineers at EMP evaluated the application in their lab with a Cognex 7600 smart camera and DOAL (Diffuse On-Axis Lighting) lighting. With this set-up, EMP was able to illuminate the serial numbers so that they were legible using the OCR tool from Cognex.

The complete solution needed to integrate into the customer’s current environment, so EMP designed a fixture to hold the part so it can be weighed and read simultaneously. The information is automatically sent to the customer’s database to be stored and used during the turbine manufacturing process. The solution worked so well that four set-ups are currently being installed at two different facilities.

Do you have product with hard-to-read DPM characters? Contact EMP today to have them evaluate a solution for you!

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