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Automated Pack Slip System

Challenge: Create a solution to replace an old inkjet printer which was causing hours of downtime.

Solution: ZT620 direct thermal label printers with cutters, Dataman 262’s, custom software, cardstock media, and custom frames for housing printers and bar code readers.

Story: A sunglass manufacturer was using an old inkjet printer to print an 8” x 10” document that was then folded and inserted into the box. The print/fold process was time-consuming and would frequently have errors that caused significant downtime.

The engineers at EMP Technical Group evaluated the process and designed a much simpler and more effective solution. The large ink jet printer was replaced with two Zebra ZT620 direct thermal label printers with cutters, which eliminated the need for folding. The engineers at EMP wrote a custom program to shrink the PDF down to a label size format that was able to be printed on the ZT620. The media for the information was also converted from plain paper to a heavier cardstock. This ensured that the documents—once cut—would properly fall directly into the box, completely automating the process.

The system is set up so that a Dataman 262 barcode reader scans the box as it arrives at the printing station. The printer prints and cuts the necessary documents. A second Dataman 262 scans the barcode on the final document after they have dropped, ensuring that the information was being placed into the correct box.

In order to further enhance the throughput of the sytsem, EMP installed two of the ZT620s side-by-side so they could simultaneously fill two separate boxes. This solu-tion has dramatically reduced the amount of downtime while at the same time greatly improving the overall accuracy of the process.

Do you have an old system causing you headaches? The engineers at EMP Technical Group can redesign your system so that your company is running at its peak performance!

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