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Printer Cover

Your label printers are a crucial part of your process. Protect them with a marine-grade vinyl cover from EMP!

  • Thick marine-grade vinyl
  • Keeps out harmful contaminants and moisture
  • Protects printer from dents/scrapes when not in use
  • One size fits many printers
  • Easy to remove/replace cover

Contact us today to learn more!

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Mobile Match Code

For applications that need an affordable barcode matching solution, our Mobile Match Code system provides the answer. Because it’s based on MCL-Collection software, program modifications are quick and inexpensive. We will customize the Mobile Match Code system software and hardware to ensure the best performance for your application and budget.

  • Checks if two barcodes match, and returns an error message if not
  • Improves accuracy for processes where barcode match is needed on complex data that is challenging for human-readability.
  • Runs on Android or Windows Mobile devices
  • Customized to follow your process flow
  • Pairs with mobile label printer to create labels at any point during the process
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Mobile Power Cart

Put your workstations on wheels with an EMP Mobile Power Cart. Instead of workers bringing products to their workstation, they can bring their workstation to the products. Each cart is designed from the ground up to fit your application.

Want to see the difference a mobile power cart can make? Schedule a Demo!

  • Take your workstation to your work.
  • No more waiting for material handling to bring your product to you.
  • Drastically increase warehouse or production efficiencies.
  • Easy to roll around and is lightweight
  • Use it on loading docks, in storage areas, or locations where power is not readily available.
  • Customize the equipment and functionality to meet your specific needs.


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EMP Products

EMP Products – Designed to make your operations more efficient

EMP products are designed to make your operations more efficient and productive. Our products include battery-powered mobile carts, barcode match solutions, sliding printer shelves, printer covers, and printer stack light. Click on an item below to learn more!

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