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When it comes to choosing a tablet for business, workers want consumer styling, while you need enterprise-class durability, data capture and an accessory family that allows you to create the perfect tablet solution for your environment, workers and apps. Now you can have it all with the ET51 and ET56 Android or Windows Enterprise Tablets. Your workers get a personal tablet that looks and feels like their own, while you get the durability, ease-of-use, data capture features and flexibility your business requires.

ET51 Enterprise Tablet with Integrated Scanner and Payment 


Integrated SE4710 imager, fully assembled with a pre-installed adjustable hand strap in a protective frame with increased drop specs. Instantly create a mobile payment solution with the use of a Zebra Payment Accessory Cover to attach your payment device. Choose Windows or Android platform.

ET51 Enterprise Rugged Tablet 


For use inside or on grounds with WiFi coverage, the ET51 is thin and lightweight, but will take a drop, a hose-down, or handle sub-zero temperatures. Daylight viewable displays in either 8.4in. or 10.1in. sizes and fanless design for quiet, efficient operation. Add a barcode reader on the back. Choose Windows or Android platform.

ET56 Enterprise Rugged Tablet 


When your work takes you off-site, that doesn’t mean you’re out of touch. With the ET56 Android or Windows tablet, you can communicate almost anywhere with fast LTE WAN access. With a weight as little as 1.15 lbs. and a mere 1/2-inch thickness, you’ll hardly know it’s there. And with the power and battery life to keep your apps at your fingertips, even if you’re wearing gloves, in any weather.

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Zebra Network Connect Industrial IoT

Zebra made a breakthrough last year in making their label printers and handheld barcode scanners friendlier to integrate on the manufacturing floor. Some of Zebra’s key products are now available with Industrial Ethernet Protocols. The ZT400 series of label printers and the DS3600 handheld scanners are available with what Zebra calls, Network Connect. The industrial […]

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Inkjet and Laser Part Mark

Industrial Marking & Coding Solutions from Matthews Marking Systems – Inkjet and Laser Part Mark


EMP Tech Group is proud to offer inkjet and laser part mark products from Matthews Marking Systems, a leader in the marking and coding industry. This partnership gives us the capability to offer complete solutions for every type of marking need that our customers might have, including laser (CO2 and Fiber), high-speed inkjet (CIJ and DOD), high-resolution inkjet (Piezo and TIJ), and MPERIA™ universal printer control system.

With an extensive range of products and an in-house engineering department, Matthews Marking Systems has established a global reputation as a  premier innovator and supplier of cutting edge technologies and equipment in the marking and coding industry.  Best known for their robust and reliable systems along with a complete line of consumables, Matthews provides:

  • Brand on-demand systems
  • Product/Part Marking and Identification
  • Case Coding/Printing
  • Traceability and Serialization Solutions

Contact us today to see how we can help with your part mark and coding needs.

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closeup of inkjet marking on pill packaging

Continuous Injket

For food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, as well as for assorted industrial applications such as plastics and metal pipe, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing is an ideal choice for printing date, time, batch codes, text, barcodes and logos.

High Resolution Inkjet - Matthews Marking Products - L-Series

High-Resolution Inkjet

For case coding (T-Series) or marking porous and non-porous materials (L-Series), high-resolution inkjet printers can eliminate costly labels and packaging. Easily print batch and date codes, variable text, graphics, and barcodes on-demand onto almost any surface.

Inkjets can achieve consistently sized text even on challenging or uneven surfaces

Large Character – DOD Inkjet

Matthews’ DOD printers are suitable for many different large character applications, including packaging and industrial, as well as the harshest environments. Our DOD systems feature the longest life and most reliable print head in the industry.

closeup of laser marking on beverage bottle

Laser Marking

Full line of CO2, diode and fiber laser marking machines to suit your marking and coding needs. Matthews lasers are designed to fit a number of industrial and packaging applications, whether you need to mark in static or continuous mode, and onto a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, foils, coated metals, and building materials.

Screenshot of MPERIA print controller software

MPERIA Print Control

Developed as a universal platform for various Matthews print technologies, MPERIA Print Control lets you manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations.

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Barcode Verifiers

Verification is the measurement of the quality of a 1D barcode or 2D symbol according to an agreed-upon quality standard. Microscan’s Barcode Verifiers are embedded off-line solutions that include camera, software, and precision illumination specifically designed for the verification of 1D/2D codes and direct part marks (DPM) to ISO/IEC standards. Their LVS® Barcode Verifiers are fully-integrated solutions designed for accurate, reliable verification to application standards such as GS1, HIBC, USPS, and ISO/IEC 15415/15416.

At EMP Tech Group, we understand the negative impact low-quality barcodes can have on your business. That’s why we’re proud to offer market leading verifiers from Microscan. Catch barcode quality issues before they become costly problems.

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LVS-9510 Desktop Barcode Verifier

For quality and process engineers, the LVS-9510 is the most complete solution among all off-line barcode verification systems because it verifies all common symbologies with ease. The LVS-9510 is certified by GS1 US for the UDI (Unique Device Identification) requirement issued by the FDA to medical device manufacturers.

LVS-9580/9585 Handheld Barcode Verifier

For quality and process engineers, the LVS-9580 is the most complete solution among all portable off-line barcode verification systems because it verifies all common symbologies and direct part marks with ease.

Omron V275 Series

Omron Automation Americas, a global leader in end-to-end automation solutions for manufacturing and other industries, recently launched its V275 Series printer-integrated label inspection and barcode verification system to help manufacturers in life sc …

Dataman 475V Inline Verifier

Automate code quality assurance without slowing down production Barcode verification is the process of grading the quality of barcodes according to globally accepted ISO standards. Cognex barcode verification technology ensures the readability and comp …

Cognex/WebScan TrueCheck Series

TruCheck Optima The TruCheck Optima is one of Webscan’s most versatile barcode checkers. This hand-held verifier works with all of your 1D and 2D barcode symbols and repeatedly gives accurate results. The Optima provides a fully integrated and hand-hel …

Honeywell PX940V

The PX940 family of high-performance industrial printers with integrated label verification technology provides error-free printing. Developed for companies that are subjected to fines levied for non-compliance to regulatory standards, and returned shi …

GS1 and Barcode Verification Reference Documents


   GS1 2D Guideline       GS1 for Linear Symbols     Barcode Verification        Unreadable Barcodes                 Data Matrix



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Machine Vision

Zebra Machine Vision

Reduce production defects, increase throughput and improve efficiency with Zebra Machine Vision. Extend your scanning capabilities with state-of-the-art smart cameras. Whether you need simple or complex quality inspections on your production line, ther …

Cognex Machine Vision

With nearly one million machine vision systems installed, Cognex is the world’s most trusted machine vision company. We have the people, experience, and knowledge to ensure the machine vision technologies you deploy do exactly the job you need to Make …

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Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Count on EMP for all your Enterprise Wireless LAN needs

Businesses are increasingly seeing the need to upgrade their wireless networks to keep up with changing 802.11 standards, and the ever-increasing number of wireless-enabled devices. EMP Technical Group specializes in the planning, installation, and integration of WLAN networks. If you’re looking at wireless for the first time, wanting to optimize your existing network, or upgrade to the latest and greatest, EMP Tech Group can help.

AP 7131 Wireless Access Point

The AP 7131 802.11n Wireless Access Point delivers the throughput, coverage and resiliency required to build an all-wireless enterprise. The tri-radio design provides simultaneous support for high-speed wireless voice and data services, self-healing mesh networking and non-data applications such as Motorola’s Wireless IPS.

ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 7632

With the new AP 7632 Wave 2 802.11ac access point, your network will get 802.11ac performance with overlay services to propel your enterprise. Fully compatible with every wireless device from legacy 802.11abgn devices up to the newest 802.11AC MU-MIMO smartphones.


AP 7161 Outdoor 802.11n

Perfect for extending network coverage to outside areas, the AP 7161 brings the latest 802.11n 3×3 MIMO tri-radio design together with the rugged outdoor performance. True perimeter security is provided using either a dedicated dual-band sensor or software mode for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver 24×7 rogue detection and termination.

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Wireless Infrastructure

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Automated Labeling

EMP Technical Group is a certified, full-line distributor of automated labeling systems from CTM Labeling Systems. CTM has built a reputation based on decades of good design, local manufacturing, and excellent support for customers interested in purchasing an automated labeling system. Our factory-certified in-house technical team can assist you in selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective automated labeling solution for your application.

Our Most Popular Items >

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Barcode Printers

For the best in industrial label printers, look to EMP Tech Group

Industrial printers offer unparalleled barcode, text and graphics print quality on labels, invoices, and packing slips. Designed to survive in the harshest industrial environments, these printers perform consistently in 24/7, mission-critical operations. State-of-the-art RFID encoding options are available to further advance process efficiency and accuracy.

Barcode printers with thermal-transfer and direct thermal technology produce accurate, high-quality images with excellent edge definition. Choose thermal-transfer printers for mission-critical applications and longer-lasting images. Or select from our line of dependable direct thermal barcode printers, such as our mobile printers.

Also be sure to check out our line of label printer accessories.

ZD-Series Desktop Printers

ZD-Series Desktop Printers

The new ZD-Series desktop printers from Zebra advance the legacy of their GK and GX-Series printers. These printers are designed to be fast, easy to use, and easy to maintain. For environments that don’t require an industrial label printer, they are th …

ZT200 Series Industrial Printers

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the ZT200 Series offers reliable printing for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are adopting bar coding for the first time, upgrading your printers or replacing printer models, the ZT200 Series offers the right choice for most labeling applications.

ZT400 Series Industrial Printers

ZT400 printers feature USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth® connectivity along with expanded RFID capabilities.  And with Zebra’s Link-OS®environment, an innovative operating system, you can easily integrate, manage and maintain these printers from anywhere in the world.

ZT510 Industrial Printer

Building on the legacy of the industry-leading 105SLPlus printer, the ZT510 includes the core features you need in an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point.

ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

Advancing the legacy of the industry-leading Xi Series, the ZT600 Series printers combine rugged durability and exceptional performance on a user-friendly, future-ready platform.

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Barcode Scanners

EMP Technical Group brings you the industry leading products for your barcode scanning applications. Our products include hand held barcode scanners, imagers, direct part mark readers, cordless barcode scanners, automated barcode scanners and barcode verifiers from industry leading manufacturers including Zebra and Cognex.

DPM Readers

Read challenging direct part mark (DPM) codes with ease using these DPM barcode readers. Specialized scanning technology allow these readers to reliably capture codes even on challenging surfaces.

Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

For industrial or high-volume barcode reading applications, fixed mount barcode scanners are the best choice. Their small footprint and high-performance read rates make them ideally suited to almost any type of scanning application.

handheld barcode scanner

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Corded or cordless. 1D, 2D or both. Ultra-rugged or retail grade. Handheld barcode scanners offer diverse features, flexibility and portability. With all the options to choose from, let EMP Tech Group help you select the scanner that best fits your specific scanning application. Call or click to get a quote today!

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Software Solutions

EMP Technical Group has partnered with leading software vendors to provide robust solutions for mobile, manufacturing and warehousing applications. Our  expert engineering staff can help you select an optimal software solution for your business, including writing custom software tailored to your business processes.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade BarTender

BarTender – Barcode and Label Printing Software

Running stand-alone or integrated with just about any other program, BarTender is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application including labels, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, encoding smart cards, sign production, and much more.

IntelliTrack Inventory Control Software

IntelliTrack inventory software applications provide easy data collection and management for environments of all sizes. By automating your inventory you save time and labor costs on tedious manual inventory counts.

Ivanti Software Products

With more than 6 million active client licenses in the field, Ivanti is the leading provider of multi-vendor mobile device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice enabling, and mobile application development software.


MCL-Designer V4 is a comprehensive enterprise mobility development solution which allows the rapid prototyping, design, development, testing of cross-platform enterprise mobile data capture applications. MCL-Designer, a zero code design environment, allows you to mobilize any data capture (Barcode/RFID/Voice) business process on almost any mobile platform quickly and easily.


Every day, NiceLabel solutions help customers streamline their business with barcode and RFID technology. Reduce the complexity and costs of labeling like hundreds of thousands of businesses in all industries – with NiceLabel.

SOTI MobiControl

SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions, with over 14,000 enterprise customers and millions of devices managed worldwide. Their award-winning solution, SOTI MobiControl, allows organizations to empower enterprise mobility through support for corporate-liable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

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