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New Displays Around the Tech Group

In preparing to have visitors in the building again, we recently updated a few of the older displays that we have around our building.  We realize that we are not fooling anyone; they are just regular, flat-screen TVs.  But the content and the source of the data are always surprising to visitors. We are not a […]

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Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision

At the last in person Zebra Partner Meeting, early in 2020, the buzzword was Vertical Adjacency.  In other words, what product markets were close to ones that Zebra was already in but were still not being served by Zebra.  One of those markets was industrial tablets.  A few years ago, Zebra acquired Xplore to better […]

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Chip Shortages Hitting Our Industry

Chip shortages are causing a few week lead times on some of our most common items. Click on the article below to find out more!

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The Day is Finally Here to Start Returning to “Normal”

A lot of things have finally thawed, winter here in the Midwest and the Global Pandemic is slowly loosening its grip.  We have been cautious during the entire pandemic, erroring on the side of caution to protect our people and all of you.  All while continuing to serve vital customers with vital services. But finally, […]

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EMP is Presenting at the Plex Users Conference

EMP has teamed with Plex, an ERP system ideal for small/medium manufacturers, to deliver the best solution to their customers.

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EMP Panel

EMP Controls and Interface Boxes

We can provide a full solution for each of our customers’ applications. From hardware, to software, and even control boxes, we do it all!

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Take Responsibility for Your Project

When EMP takes on your project, we will to help you navigate any through issues, whether is it related to our portion of the project or not.

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Ring Scanners, Not Just for Wearable Computers

If you go to Zebra’s website looking for their ring scanners, you might have a hard time finding them.  Honeywell puts them in their barcode scanner category, but Zebra keeps them with the wearable mobile computers on their website.  It is true that the original ring scanners that came out about a decade ago, had […]

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Helping You Keep up with Android Updates

The Android updates that we received noted that Android 10 has 50 new security and privacy features.  How do you keep up with all of those?  And how important is it to keep up with the latest OS versions in your rugged, mobile computer fleet? The good news is that Android becomes more “industrial” with […]

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How We Hire New Employees

The best thing about the EMP Tech Group is our people.  All of us here have one thing in common, a selfless desire to serve our customers.  Our job interview process focuses on weeding out candidates who might have selfish tendencies.  We need team players who will focus on serving and get along with others.  […]

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Color Label Printers from Epson and EMP

Several things kind of got lost in the shuffle last year.  One of them was the arrival of two new color label printers from Epson, the C6000 and the C6500.  Our demo unit arrived early in the year and our technical group was thrilled with the durability of the labels and the ease of operation. […]

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Staying on Top of the Best Software Solutions

Sometimes, we do not get the business from our customers.  Sometimes, we lose to the competition.  Recently we lost a piece of business with a long-term customer, not because the other company had better hardware or services, but because they had a better idea for the interface between the mobile computers and the customers ERP.  […]

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