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Label Software Still on Premise? The Case for Cloud Label Software

Cloud computing has been on the rise for several years now. WMS software has been cloud capable for several years. ERP trends have been moving towards the cloud for the past 5 years as well. Even at the EMP Tech Group, we have moved our ERP and most of our other business computing to the cloud. The global […]

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Custom Pick to Light Cart

Challenge: Create a custom Pick to Light cart that addressesall the customer’s needs. Solution: A custom shelving unit with waterfall shelves, Epson color printer, printer slide, Zebra DS9908, pull-out shelf, and Lithium batteries. Story: A healthcare company needed to improve their current warehouse picking solution. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf product that would solve their problem […]

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Beckman Coulter

Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

Challenge: Design a new label printing kiosk solution for the customer’s out-of-date PC and label software. Solution: A label printing kiosk consisting of a Zebra CC6000 integrated with MCL code. Story: A customer recently approached EMP with the need to upgrade their labeling system. They had a desktop PC running a very old label software […]

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Are Wearable Scanners and Terminals Dead?

COVID-19 has caused each us to rethink how we interact with others and the surfaces they touch. Unfortunately, a wearable device falls into this category. So what’s the solution? Well in the case of wearable barcode scanners, Zebra is saying to give every employee their own trigger.  Specifically, with the RS5100, Zebra has made the […]

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Distributed Printing = Social Distancing

Does your label printing operation look something like this?  Except maybe with even more printers? Recently, Zebra has been building a case for using mobile printers to promote social distancing in the future.  But it goes way further than just that.  Mobile printers still have limitations, they will only print direct thermal labels and the […]

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Wireless Networking and EMP

One of the EMP Tech Group’s core competencies is wireless networking.  It is a product line that we have invested heavily in, both with equipment and training.  Despite that investment however, we never seem to fully exercise our capabilities with that product line. Some history here, Symbol Technologies was one of the first companies to […]

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Stand Alone Scan & Print

Stand-alone Scan and Print is a Hit

The old saying is that one door closes and another one opens.  Many of our customers have been hit hard by the global pandemic, but many are busier than ever.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that a solution that we had put together in the past for customers was suddenly very relevant as companies […]

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Project Management from EMP

Completing over 300 projects per year can get a bit overwhelming at times.  We pride ourselves on our 1 to 1 ratio of sales to technical services personnel.  It truly does speak to our commitment as a company to help our customers with whatever it takes to get the hardware that we sell, to work […]

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Link OS

Your Zebra Label Printer has an OS too!

Printers have come a long way in the past few years. No longer are they the scarecrow of the industry, wishing they had a brain like so many other devices.

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Cummins Light 1

Custom Machine Vision Light

Challenge: Engineer a solution to eliminate the downtime from a hotspot on 2D Datamatrix code. Solution: EMP custom-engineered dome light. Story: A diesel engine manufacturer was having trouble with a barcode scanning application on one of their fuel injection nozzles. The 2D Datamatrix code is printed onto the round, shiny surface of the nozzle. The […]

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OVS Dashboard

When is Mobile Device Management Needed?

Mobile computing in your warehouse or on your shop floor has gotten more complicated in the last few years.  With Android now being the dominant OS, the need to update the OS and subsequently the applications more often are a certainty.  Fortunately, the tools to manage the devices have gotten much better as well.  But […]

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ZT411 Color Screen

New Zebra ZT400 Series

Full Color Touch Display See printer status at a glance and manage settings via the large, full-color touch display. Create custom shortcuts and quickly navigate printer settings with the user-friendly icon menu system. Color-coded alerts show when the printer is paused or in an error state so operators instantly know what the printer needs to […]

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