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Zebra MC9300, the Workhorse of Our Industry

There were questions 10 years ago about rugged, mobile computers maintaining their dominance in the warehouse space.  With the advent of smartphones, would these expensive, rugged devices still be the go-to device for warehouse operations?  The short answer is an overwhelming YES.  And the device that leads the industry is the Zebra MC9300.  Our numbers […]

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Just When You Thought OS Migration Was Over

There seems to be a recurring theme in our lives lately that just when you think something challenging to all of us is over, a new wave starts up and here we go again.  No, not the pandemic, OS Migration!  Android 4.4 commonly known as KitKat was released on October 31, 2013.  Over 8 years […]

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New Website

Check Out Our New Website

It is amazing how fast the world moves. A few years ago, our website was up to date and something to be proud of.  The amount of content there is still amazing, but we came to realize that our old website did not render well on more recent wide-screen monitors. Lots of dead space on the sides […]

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Rewriting a Restocking Application

Challenge: Update an obsolete inventory/restock application. Solution: A custom web-based application with Zebra MC9300s. Story: A pharmaceutical distribution center was running their fulfillment facility on an older Windows Mobile 6 platform. While the engineers at EMP were working on a separate application at their facility, they informed the customer of Windows Mobile 6’s obsolescence. This […]

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Custom Programming by EMP

This year has been an interesting one at our company.  Being busy is good, but we have been overwhelmed by some great projects; projects with long-time customers,  projects with lots of hardware included, and fortunately, projects with understanding customers who were willing to work with us as we tried to eat an elephant in one […]

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We are YouTubers

Last month, we talked about marketing, its mysteries, and how we have navigated marketing over the years.  We did not touch enough on our YouTube Channel and as I write this, we are adding more and updated content.  Sure, we do these videos as a service to our customers, but it has also proven to […]

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Marketing the EMP Way

Marketing is a mysterious thing, particularly when compared to sales.  When you sell, you either win or lose and the results are obvious.  Marketing has many more shades of grey; success is not always clear, and the proper method is not always obvious.  EMP has struggled with marketing. We live in a niche industry, and […]

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Labeling Carts: One Scan, One Print, One Apply

The folks from Newcastle Systems were in our office a few weeks back.  We were discussing successful applications for their mobile power carts.  Ones where the customer was really seeing benefit from purchasing the mobile carts.  The same application kept coming up again and again, using the mobile power carts as a printing station to […]

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Empty warehouse racks, Empty metal shelf in storage room, storage concept

Supply Chain Issues Continue to be a Factor

4-to-6-month lead times.  That is what we are facing on some of the most common items that we sell; mobile printers, mobile computers, even labels! Almost 30% of our annual sales are on backlog right now.  It is actually bankrupting some businesses, not being able to get hardware to ship. Fortunately for us here at EMP, […]

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New Displays Around the Tech Group

In preparing to have visitors in the building again, we recently updated a few of the older displays that we have around our building.  We realize that we are not fooling anyone; they are just regular, flat-screen TVs.  But the content and the source of the data are always surprising to visitors. We are not a […]

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Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision

At the last in person Zebra Partner Meeting, early in 2020, the buzzword was Vertical Adjacency.  In other words, what product markets were close to ones that Zebra was already in but were still not being served by Zebra.  One of those markets was industrial tablets.  A few years ago, Zebra acquired Xplore to better […]

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Chip Shortages Hitting Our Industry

Chip shortages are causing a few week lead times on some of our most common items. Click on the article below to find out more!

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