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Mobile Power Keeps Rolling Along

Earlier this year in this newsletter, we asked the question, “Is Mobile Power Now Self Evident”?  Meaning that using mobile power carts is becoming so common place in the warehouse and even on the manufacturing floor that it may no longer be necessary to convince the customer that it is needed.  The time savings and […]

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Selling the Best Product

When you are in our position, you get offers to resell product from manufacturers all the time.  As a company, the EMP Tech Group has had an iron-clad rule that we will only sell the best products that are available in the marketplace.  For the most part, choosing the best product is easy, they are […]

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Reflecting on 2020

What a crazy year! There is not enough space here to dive into all the adversities and yes, the blessings that 2020 has brought us. You cannot fully enjoy summer without going through winter. You cannot fully enjoy the tranquil times without some difficult times. And 2020 was definitely a difficult time. But being a “glass half full” group, […]

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Zebra 123Scan

Zebra’s 123SCAN has been out for a few years now, ridding the world of books full of barcodes that need to be scanned to configure a barcode scanner.  Now you have an easy to use software tool that will let you configure your hand-held barcode scanners, update firmware, or set up special features. One of […]

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Helping Coders Navigate Zebra Android

Last month in our Newsletter, we focused on some of the applications that we have written to help our customers best use the data collection hardware that we sell.  But obviously, we don’t write every piece of code that our customers use.  We do however get pulled into supporting our customers’ coders who are writing […]

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Company Posters 1

More EMP Culture, Don’t Answer Questions with Questions

When you walk the halls of the EMP Tech Group (with a mask on these days) you notice two things.  Posters of customer applications and posters of our company culture.  It has been likened to an art gallery and I take that as a compliment.  Customer application posters are pretty easy, they are just a […]

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Custom Programming

When your business software won’t do the job! We have a core group of programmers here at the EMP Tech Group.  Not a big group, but 3 employees working full time at nothing but programming projects.  That means we can get some good work done, but are not big enough to tackle huge projects, writing […]

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Part of our job is to help our customers figure out what is truly revolutionary and what is just hype.  We frequently tell our customers that we were the first sale that the manufacturer must make.  They first must convince us that their product is worthwhile.  And we are a jaded bunch, we have seen […]

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EMPCare Logo


Custom products and services have always been some of the things that sets us apart.  Last month in this newsletter we highlighted the EMP Products that we have developed for customers and then turned into standard products for other customers to purchase.  Services such as printer maintenance has been another “product” that we have customized […]

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Matthews Marking Systems e-SolarMark CO2 laser marking

Laser Marking Systems

There are two main types of laser marking systems for product identification, Fiber and Co2.  Fiber is primarily used to mark metal and Co2 for paper, plastic, and glass.  Not so straight forward is whose laser marking system to use.  There are so many in the market and finding one manufacturer that produces their own […]

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Label Software Still on Premise? The Case for Cloud Label Software

Cloud computing has been on the rise for several years now. WMS software has been cloud capable for several years. ERP trends have been moving towards the cloud for the past 5 years as well. Even at the EMP Tech Group, we have moved our ERP and most of our other business computing to the cloud. The global […]

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Custom Pick to Light Cart

Challenge: Create a custom Pick to Light cart that addressesall the customer’s needs. Solution: A custom shelving unit with waterfall shelves, Epson color printer, printer slide, Zebra DS9908, pull-out shelf, and Lithium batteries. Story: A healthcare company needed to improve their current warehouse picking solution. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf product that would solve their problem […]

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