EMP Customer Solutions


Custom Pick to Light Cart

Challenge: Create a custom Pick to Light cart that addressesall the customer’s needs. Solution: A custom shelving unit with waterfall shelves, Epson color printer, printer slide, Zebra DS9908, pull-out shelf, and Lithium batteries. Story: A healthcare company needed to improve their current warehouse picking solution. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf product that would solve their problem […]

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Beckman Coulter

Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

Challenge: Design a new label printing kiosk solution for the customer’s out-of-date PC and label software. Solution: A label printing kiosk consisting of a Zebra CC6000 integrated with MCL code. Story: A customer recently approached EMP with the need to upgrade their labeling system. They had a desktop PC running a very old label software […]

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Agriculture Core Sampling

Challenge: Identify the geographical origins of soil samples taken by a robot. Solution: A Cognex Dataman 262 mounted directly to the robot. Story: An agricultural startup company reached out to the engineers at EMP for help with a bar code scanning application on a robotically controlled vehicle. The company manufactures systems that travel out into […]

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Alternative Technology for the Amish

Challenge: Calculate a specific four-digit voice-pick code to print onto a label with limited technology. Solution: A “black box” containing an Arduino board and Zebra Keyboard Display Unit. Story: A produce distributor works with the local Amish population to sell their produce. The distributor recently approached the team at EMP Technical Group with a unique […]

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Wood Plank Laser Measurement

Challenge: Minimize waste and downtime from imperfectly cut logs. Solution: Laser measurement sensor, PLC, presence/absence sensor, tower light. Story: You could argue that anything manufactured has the potential for defects. This seems obvious on high-speed production lines creating custom components for the automotive, aerospace, or medical fields. But what about non-traditional manufacturing environments? Well, they […]

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Cummins Light 1

Custom Machine Vision Light

Challenge: Engineer a solution to eliminate the downtime from a hotspot on 2D Datamatrix code. Solution: EMP custom-engineered dome light. Story: A diesel engine manufacturer was having trouble with a barcode scanning application on one of their fuel injection nozzles. The 2D Datamatrix code is printed onto the round, shiny surface of the nozzle. The […]

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Label ReWinder

Voting Machine Ballot Verification

Challenge: Automate the data mining process on a voting machine’s results. Solution: TwinCat label rewinder, Cognex DM70, registration sensor. Story: EMP was brought into a local voting machine manufacturer to help improve their data mining process. Individual results need to be stored and easily accessed, so – as they’re cast – votes are printed onto […]

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Antibus No Box

Reading 2D DPM Barcodes

Challenge: Read 2D barcodes that are marked directly onto steel steering rod columns. Solution: Microscan ID-40, DOAL lighting, and custom housing. Story: A manufacturer of steering column rods was accidentally sending the wrong product to their customers. They challenged the engineers at EMP to develop a solution to prevent this from occurring. Each steering column […]

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GE Set-up

Aerospace Parts Inspection

Challenge: Automate the data entry process for a serial number that is laser etched onto a Titanium component. Solution: Cognex 7600 smart camera, DOAL lighting, custom fixture, presence sensor, and scale. Story: An aerospace component manufacturer reached out to the engineers at EMP Technical Group to help automate one of their manual processes. One of […]

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Circuit Board Quality Control

Challenge: Find a solution that can identify when conformal coating is applied incorrectly to circuit boards. Solution: Addition to existing vision inspection system: 12MP Baumer camera, Microscan’s Vision-scape software, custom interface program. Story: A circuit board manufacturer, for HVAC products, identified a quality issue in their product. Each board requires conformal coating to be placed […]

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Automated Pack Slip System

Challenge: Create a solution to replace an old inkjet printer which was causing hours of downtime. Solution: ZT620 direct thermal label printers with cutters, Dataman 262’s, custom software, cardstock media, and custom frames for housing printers and bar code readers. Story: A sunglass manufacturer was using an old inkjet printer to print an 8” x […]

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Line Scan Application

Challenge: Automate the process of scanning barcodes on a panel of circuit boards to eliminate the need for labor-intensive hand scanning. Solution: Custom scanning station consisting of conveyor, line scan camera, custom software, and tower lighting for signaling. Story: A circuit board manufacturer was using a handheld barcode scanner to read the individual barcodes on […]

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