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Deep Learning Parts Inspection System

Challenge: Ensure product ships complete with no missing pieces. Solution: Custom conveyor with reject station, print and apply, and Cognex machine vision with AI. Story: A packaging company needed to upgrade its quality inspections. The company packages gasket packs up for a large automotive end-user. There are several gaskets in the pack. Some of the […]

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Custom Printer Stand

Challenge: Modify the current EMP Printer Stand to a stand-alone printer station. Solution: Printer station with keyboard and PC mount. Story: An automotive component supplier was reading the monthly EMP newsletter when they saw an article on EMP Products. These products are a list of solutions that EMP has developed over the years. The printer […]

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Custom Web Browser Application

Challenge: Improve the product replenishment process for a local cable and internet company. Solution: Custom web browser application. Story: A local cable company was on the hunt for someone to solve the product replenishment problems that were occurring. During their search, they came across EMP Technical Group. They have the hardware and software knowledge needed […]

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RFID Printer with Robotics

Challenge: Provide and integrate an RFID label printer into custom robotic machinery. Solution: Zebra ZT411 RFID label printer with Ethernet IP and Zebra Network Connect. Story: A machine builder was in the process of constructing a bagging machine for various truck components. Each bag requires a label with an RFID chip for tracking purposes. The […]

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Laser Marking System for DateTime Stamp

Challenge: Design an automated time and date laser marking system for a plastic injection molded product. Solution: Matthews e-SolarMark 30-watt Co2 laser, custom fixture, Cognex InSight 2000, and custom lighting. Story: A large injection molding house needed to improve their time and date stamping process on one of their plastic container/lid products. The time and […]

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Custom Pick to Light Cart

Challenge: Create a custom Pick to Light cart that addressesall the customer’s needs. Solution: A custom shelving unit with waterfall shelves, Epson color printer, printer slide, Zebra DS9908, pull-out shelf, and Lithium batteries. Story: A healthcare company needed to improve their current warehouse picking solution. There wasn’t an off-the-shelf product that would solve their problem […]

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Beckman Coulter

Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

Challenge: Design a new label printing kiosk solution for the customer’s out-of-date PC and label software. Solution: A label printing kiosk consisting of a Zebra CC6000 integrated with MCL code. Story: A customer recently approached EMP with the need to upgrade their labeling system. They had a desktop PC running a very old label software […]

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Agriculture Core Sampling

Challenge: Identify the geographical origins of soil samples taken by a robot. Solution: A Cognex Dataman 262 mounted directly to the robot. Story: An agricultural startup company reached out to the engineers at EMP for help with a bar code scanning application on a robotically controlled vehicle. The company manufactures systems that travel out into […]

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Alternative Technology for the Amish

Challenge: Calculate a specific four-digit voice-pick code to print onto a label with limited technology. Solution: A “black box” containing an Arduino board and Zebra Keyboard Display Unit. Story: A produce distributor works with the local Amish population to sell their produce. The distributor recently approached the team at EMP Technical Group with a unique […]

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Wood Plank Laser Measurement

Challenge: Minimize waste and downtime from imperfectly cut logs. Solution: Laser measurement sensor, PLC, presence/absence sensor, tower light. Story: You could argue that anything manufactured has the potential for defects. This seems obvious on high-speed production lines creating custom components for the automotive, aerospace, or medical fields. But what about non-traditional manufacturing environments? Well, they […]

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Cummins Light 1

Custom Machine Vision Light

Challenge: Engineer a solution to eliminate the downtime from a hotspot on 2D Datamatrix code. Solution: EMP custom-engineered dome light. Story: A diesel engine manufacturer was having trouble with a barcode scanning application on one of their fuel injection nozzles. The 2D Datamatrix code is printed onto the round, shiny surface of the nozzle. The […]

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Label ReWinder

Voting Machine Ballot Verification

Challenge: Automate the data mining process on a voting machine’s results. Solution: TwinCat label rewinder, Cognex DM70, registration sensor. Story: EMP was brought into a local voting machine manufacturer to help improve their data mining process. Individual results need to be stored and easily accessed, so – as they’re cast – votes are printed onto […]

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