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Automated Pack Slip System

Challenge: Create a solution to replace an old inkjet printer which was causing hours of downtime. Solution: ZT620 direct thermal label printers with cutters, Dataman 262’s, custom software, cardstock media, and custom frames for housing printers and bar code readers. Story: A sunglass manufacturer was using an old inkjet printer to print an 8” x […]

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Line Scan Application

Challenge: Automate the process of scanning barcodes on a panel of circuit boards to eliminate the need for labor-intensive hand scanning. Solution: Custom scanning station consisting of conveyor, line scan camera, custom software, and tower lighting for signaling. Story: A circuit board manufacturer was using a handheld barcode scanner to read the individual barcodes on […]

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High Speed Barcode

High Speed Barcode Reading

Challenge: Improve barcode reading system for scanning canned products rolling at a rate of five cans per second. Solution: Implement a single hand scanner, two Dataman 360 fixed-mount barcode readers, and a control box with PLC. Story: Quality inspection in the food and beverage industry can often be challenging due to extremely fast line speeds, […]

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Issue 27 - Custom RFID Scanning Software

Custom RFID Scanning Software

Challenge: Create a custom application for an RFID scanner that can verify that a bill of material is correct…and get the job done in four days. Solution: An Alien H450 RFID handheld scanner loaded with a custom program that displays the customer’s logo and easy to follow instructions for importing files and cross checking bill […]

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Screenshot of Warehouse Logistics

Streamlined Logistics for Automotive Manufacturer

Challenge: Streamline inventory management of spare bumpers for large auto manufacturer. Solution: Create custom software program that eliminates previous excel system and provides a real-time inventory of every bumper in each location. Story: EMP Technical Group was recently approached by one of their current auto manufacturing customers about improving the process behind their spare bumper […]

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Mobile Computer Software for ERP System

Challenge: Create a solution that would allow an ERP system provider to easily integrate into the end customer’s process by utilizing mobile computers and barcode scanners. Solution: Implement a web-based mobile device interface for ERP system that can run on any size mobile device needed. Story: EMP Technical Group was recently contacted by a ERP […]

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Issue 24 - eCommerce Fulfillment (reduced)

eCommerce Fulfillment

Challenge: Integrate a custom software system that verifies correct order fulfillment across a large warehouse, from initial pick, to placement into packaging and finally shipping to the end customer. Solution: A fully integrated custom software program that communicates with SAP, the customer’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and PLCs on the new packaging equipment. Story: A […]

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High Speed OCR

High Speed Vision Inspection

Challenge: Perform an inspection on a weekly mailer to verify postal codes and ensure a correct insert is accurately placed, all while running at extremely high speeds. Solution: Implement high-speed machine vision with filters, high-speed image-based barcode reader, custom programmed human-machine interface (HMI), signaling stack light, and trigger sensors Story: Several years ago, the engineers at […]

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Mobile Printing from Forklifts

Challenge: Address downtime associated with labeling errors by integrating a solution that would enable more accurate labeling in the warehouse. Solution: Allow for mobile printing from forklifts. Using a Zebra mobile printer (QLN Series) mounted directly to warehouse forklift truck enables an operator to print the correct label on the spot. Story: A manufacturing company in St. Louis, […]

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Set-up 1

Standalone Scan and Print

Standalone Quality Control System – No PC Required! Challenge: Design a worry-free solution that can print a quality control label at each step of an assembly process that contains multiple inputs of information. Solution: Zebra printer loaded with custom ZBI program and inputs from a handheld barcode scanner. Story: A manufacturing company out of Elkhart, […]

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Issue 20 - Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Solution – Automation Overhaul

Challenge: Design a warehouse solution that would enable two new warehouses to operate at peak performance as quickly as possible. Solution: Wifi infrastructure, mobile printers, tablets, mobile computers, and custom software. Story: A well-known distribution company was opening two new warehouses in Atlanta and Dallas. They wanted these facilities up and running as quickly as […]

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DA Lube Image - Black Background

Machine Vision – Label Inspection

Challenge: Engineer and integrate a solution that can verify that the correct label is being placed on the right product while moving on a high-speed conveyor. Solution: Smart cameras, Image-based barcode reader, and custom software for HMI. Story: A local bottle filling company was experiencing issues with incorrect labels being applied to their product. When the wrong labels were […]

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