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Making Lubricant Packaging More Efficient with Machine Vision

Challenge: Improve quality inspection on automotive lubricant bottles. Solution: Variety of Cognex InSight machine vision, integrated lighting, and custom program for job selection. Story: An automotive lubricant company was doing some online research on how to improve the quality assurance on their various lines of lubricants. They came across EMP’s website that contained solutions for […]

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Rewriting a Restocking Application

Challenge: Update an obsolete inventory/restock application. Solution: A custom web-based application with Zebra MC9300s. Story: A pharmaceutical distribution center was running their fulfillment facility on an older Windows Mobile 6 platform. While the engineers at EMP were working on a separate application at their facility, they informed the customer of Windows Mobile 6’s obsolescence. This […]

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Automotive Aftermarket Tracking

The automotive customer wanted to implement an inventory tracking system throughout their entire shop floor. They knew EMP had the team on staff to get the job done right.

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Scanning Multiple Barcodes

Challenge: Design a quality inspection system to ensure that the correct label and quantity of labels in present in each package. Solution: A Vision solution complete with a 31MP GigE camera, Cognex VisionPro software, smart vision lighting, custom conveyor, Cognex Dataman, and control box with PLC. Story: A label manufacturer produces unique, pressure-sensitive labels that […]

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Real-Time Part Replenishment

Challenge: Leverage existing hardware assets while providing a turn-key part replenishment solution. Solution: Health check of existing sensor network hardware, solution design, update WhereCall Buttons, update and add WhereLAN sensors, install MotionWorks Enterprise Server, configure Material Flow Software, utilize existing tablets for material handlers. Story: A new high-tech automotive company purchased a decommissioned GM factory […]

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Circuit Board Inspection System

A circuit board manufacturer produces a number of different circuit boards for the HVAC industry. Each circuit board has a number of components that are manually placed. These components have been known to go missing somewhere in the manufacturing/shipping process.

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Adding Data Collection to a Bag Sealer

EMP worked with a medical device manufacturer to inspect the labels on each of their products as they pass through a sealer.

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RFID for Container Tracking

Challenge: Design a solution to tag and track seed containers. Solution: Zebra FX9600 fixed RFID reader, MC3390xR RFID handheld scanners with a custom application using MCL, custom mounting structure and controls. Story: A local company’s business is to rent, clean, and manage reusable containers for the agriculture industry. The containers are sent out to end […]

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Multi-Generation Mobile Computer Application

Challenge: Modernize the mobile computers for a picking application. Solution: Zebra MC9300 with a custom web browser interface. Story: A tooling manufacturer previously worked with the engineers at EMP to design the picking process in their warehouse. The original solution involved a number of MC9090s running Windows Mobile 6.5. Unfortunately, as years passed Windows Mobile […]

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Label Inspection on a Budget

Challenge: Design a label inspection system on a budget.Solution: Zebra DS2208 hand scanner, ZD620 DesktopPrinters, and a custom ZBI program. Story: Label inspection is a very common application that often starts from incorrect labels being placed on the product and shipped to the end customer. Unfortunately, this is exactly what occurred with a local food […]

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Modernizing Parts Delivery

Challenge: Upgrade technology hardware and OS to ease the validation process. Solution: Zebra TC21 mobile computer running Android, using MCL as rapid development tool. Story: A medical device manufacturer had a numberof mobile devices running Windows CE. The supportfor Windows CE had expired so the manufacturer wanted to upgrade their devices. They were looking to […]

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Deep Learning Parts Inspection System

Challenge: Ensure product ships complete with no missing pieces. Solution: Custom conveyor with reject station, print and apply, and Cognex machine vision with AI. Story: A packaging company needed to upgrade its quality inspections. The company packages gasket packs up for a large automotive end-user. There are several gaskets in the pack. Some of the […]

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