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Issue 27 - Custom RFID Scanning Software

Custom RFID Scanning Software

Challenge: Create a custom application for an RFID scanner that can verify that a bill of material is correct…and get the job done in four days. Solution: An Alien H450 RFID handheld scanner loaded with a custom program that displays the customer’s logo and easy to follow instructions for importing files and cross checking bill […]

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Streamlined Logistics for Automotive Manufacturer

Challenge: Streamline inventory management of spare bumpers for large auto manufacturer. Solution: Create custom software program that eliminates previous excel system and provides a real-time inventory of every bumper in each location. Story: EMP Technical Group was recently approached by one of their current auto manufacturing customers about improving the process behind their spare bumper […]

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Mobile Computer Software for ERP System

Challenge: Create a solution that would allow an ERP system provider to easily integrate into the end customer’s process by utilizing mobile computers and barcode scanners. Solution: Implement a web-based mobile device interface for ERP system that can run on any size mobile device needed. Story: EMP Technical Group was recently contacted by a ERP […]

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Issue 24 - eCommerce Fulfillment (reduced)

eCommerce Fulfillment

Challenge: Integrate a custom software system that verifies correct order fulfillment across a large warehouse, from initial pick, to placement into packaging and finally shipping to the end customer. Solution: A fully integrated custom software program that communicates with SAP, the customer’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and PLCs on the new packaging equipment. Story: A […]

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Our Sunday Visitor Image Rounded

High Speed Vision Inspection

Challenge: Perform an inspection on a weekly mailer to verify postal codes and ensure a correct insert is accurately placed, all while running at extremely high speeds. Solution: Implement high-speed machine vision with filters, high-speed image-based barcode reader, custom programmed human-machine interface (HMI), signaling stack light, and trigger sensors Story: Several years ago, the engineers at […]

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Mobile Printing from Forklifts

Challenge: Address downtime associated with labeling errors by integrating a solution that would enable more accurate labeling in the warehouse. Solution: Allow for mobile printing from forklifts. Using a Zebra mobile printer (QLN Series) mounted directly to warehouse forklift truck enables an operator to print the correct label on the spot. Story: A manufacturing company in St. Louis, […]

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Set-up 1

Standalone Scan and Print

Standalone Quality Control System – No PC Required! Challenge: Design a worry-free solution that can print a quality control label at each step of an assembly process that contains multiple inputs of information. Solution: Zebra printer loaded with custom ZBI program and inputs from a handheld barcode scanner. Story: A manufacturing company out of Elkhart, […]

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Issue 20 - Warehouse Automation

Warehouse Solution – Automation Overhaul

Challenge: Design a warehouse solution that would enable two new warehouses to operate at peak performance as quickly as possible. Solution: Wifi infrastructure, mobile printers, tablets, mobile computers, and custom software. Story: A well-known distribution company was opening two new warehouses in Atlanta and Dallas. They wanted these facilities up and running as quickly as […]

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DA Lube Image - Black Background

Machine Vision – Label Inspection

Challenge: Engineer and integrate a solution that can verify that the correct label is being placed on the right product while moving on a high-speed conveyor. Solution: Smart cameras, Image-based barcode reader, and custom software for HMI. Story: A local bottle filling company was experiencing issues with incorrect labels being applied to their product. When the wrong labels were […]

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onsite printer maintenance contract

Onsite Printer Maintenance Contracts

We’ll keep your thermal label printers running at their best, so you can focus on running your business. You rely on your label printers to work when you need them. Having reliable printers means you’re able to hit production targets, fill orders, and do business without costly delays. With an onsite printer maintenance contract from […]

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Thumbnail for Solutions Newsletter Issue 17 - Specialty Printers

Specialty Label Printers – For Difficult Print Jobs

2-Color Thermal Transfer Printer, High-Speed Inkjet Printer, Small Label Printer, and Duplex Labeling System

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Cognex MX1000 - Turn consumer devices into rugged industrial-grade scanners

Consumer vs. Rugged Mobile Devices

It has been an interesting past 9 years, to say the least. On June 29, 2007, Apple released the first iPhone. Sure there were smartphones before then, but that date was a defining moment in the history of the smartphone that we now all carry and rely on so heavily. Being in the rugged mobile […]

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