EMP Tech Tips

Bartender Updated

Keeping Your BarTender Updated is Important

This month’s tech tip is to check your version of BarTender and be sure you are newer than version 10.0 because it is the end of support.

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Identifying Your Mobile Computers

Sometimes we get the best ideas from our customers. We have helped customers identify their mobile computer fleet in the past with asset labels. We have a “secret weapon” label material that we have used again and again for asset labels.

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Zebra Printer

Knowing Your Printer Resolution is Key

Printers have a variety of resolutions. Knowing your printer’s resolution is key to printing the correct label every time.

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When to Use Bartender Print Station

Find out when to limit access to the full Bartender software and just run Bartender Print Station.

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The Effects of Static

Static electricity can cause issues in your labeling and it is not always obvious that it is the issue. Check out this article to learn more!

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Use Zebra Stage Now to Update Android

Stage Now will produce a barcode that you can scan with your mobile computer to do the initial configuration or update the Android OS.

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Printing from the Cloud

So, you are getting into the new age with Cloud-based software. This software now allows you to run the application from anywhere, on any device, not just in your corporate IT infrastructure. We all know that this has been a good thing this year with many people now having to work remotely.

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Bartender Video

Adding a New Bartender License

Adding new licenses to an existing Bartender install used to be somewhat straightforward, but with the release of BarTender 2021 that process got a little more tricky.

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Parsing Barcode Data

Each barcode contains important imformation, but sometimes parsing through all of the data can be cumbersome. Let our barcode experts help walk you through how to best parse your barcode data!

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Printhead Element Out You Tube

Printhead Element Out

We are amazed by this. There has been a feature in many of Zebra’s label printers for some time now that no one seems to take advantage of.

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Confused 3

Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner

Choosing the right barcode scanner for your application can be a bit confusing. Let us help you decide which scanner is right for you! First, you can break the answers down into these categories. 1D only or 1D and 2D Scanner Corded or Cordless Presentation or Handheld Industrial or Commercial Paper Based Bar Code or […]

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Direct Thermal Label Printing

Data label printing in industry is usually done with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology.  Thermal transfer uses a wax or resin ribbon to transfer the image with heat from the ribbon onto the label.  Direct thermal has a coating on the label that darkens with heat from the label printers print head.

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