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Agriculture Core Sampling

Challenge: Identify the geographical origins of soil samples taken by a robot. Solution: A Cognex Dataman 262 mounted directly to the robot. Story: An agricultural startup company reached out to the engineers at EMP for help with a bar code scanning application on a robotically controlled vehicle. The company manufactures systems that travel out into […]

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EMP’S PPE Procedures

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Alternative Technology for the Amish

Challenge: Calculate a specific four-digit voice-pick code to print onto a label with limited technology. Solution: A “black box” containing an Arduino board and Zebra Keyboard Display Unit. Story: A produce distributor works with the local Amish population to sell their produce. The distributor recently approached the team at EMP Technical Group with a unique […]

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Link OS

Downloading Firmware to Zebra Printers

Method 1: Through the ZDesigner Driver Procedure Access the driver using Devices and Printers (or Printers and Faxes for older operating systems).Right-click the ZDesigner printer driver installed for your printer and select Printing Preferences. 3. Now select the Tools tab 4. Under the Command type:  make sure Action is selected and the Send file option […]

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Keeping our Culture and our Team Intact

A recent article about the pandemic noted that companies will be judged in the future by the way they treated their employees during this crisis.  Another noted that keeping the culture you have been working so hard on intact while most of your people work from home is going to be a challenge. At EMP […]

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Running the ERP Migration Gauntlet

We made it!  We have successfully transitioned from our old, on-premise ERP and onto Microsoft’s latest, cloud-based ERP, Dynamics Business Central.  If you are a current customer of ours, you may have noticed a new look to our documentation and a new series of numbers on our quotes and invoices.  It took 2 years from […]

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Newcastle NB

Is the Need for Mobile Power Now Self Evident?

In the early days of barcoding, companies needed to be convinced that the technology was a worthwhile investment. Barcodes were still new and hardly anyone was using them yet throughout their operations. Flash forward to today and it is hard for many businesses to imagine functioning without barcodes. Knowing this history and watching the proliferation of mobile […]

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Is Your Software Vendor Giving You a Headache? You’re Not Alone…

At the EMP Tech Group, our primary job is to get the hardware that we provide to work in your environment.  That almost always means we will need to interface with the software that you use to run your business.  It could be your WMS (Warehouse Management System), your MES (Manufacturing Execution System) or your […]

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onsite printer maintenance contract

Onsite Printer Maintenance Contracts

We’ll keep your thermal label printers running at their best, so you can focus on running your business. You rely on your label printers to work when you need them. Having reliable printers means you’re able to hit production targets, fill orders, and do business without costly delays. With an onsite printer maintenance contract from […]

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Mobile OS Migration

Why you should start planning your mobile OS migration strategy The countdown has begun for users to migrate from Microsoft’s Windows CE and 6.5. Check out the official lifecycle dates from Microsoft here. In addition, the chipset manufacturers for these devices will stop making the components before these deadlines, meaning no new devices will be available. The […]

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Zebra TC8000 view from right side

An Evolution in Mobile Computing

We have all become numb to marketing hype. When everything is the next big thing, we start to tune it all out. Well this one is different! Zebra has announced a new product that is truly revolutionary. The TC 8000 is lighter, faster and more powerful, but that is not the revolution. This device changes the way that you […]

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Mobile OS Marketplace

It’s a confusing world out there! The marketplace for mobile operating systems in rugged mobile computers has been a pretty crazy place lately. The question used to be whether you were going to use Windows Mobile or Windows CE. Then along came Apple with its iOS and Google with Android. This along with a long […]

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