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Custom RFID Scanning Software

Challenge: Create a custom application for an RFID scanner that can verify that a bill of material is correct…and get the job done in four days.

Solution: An Alien H450 RFID handheld scanner loaded with a custom program that displays the customer’s logo and easy to follow instructions for importing files and cross checking bill of materials.

Story: A cabinet manufacturer had an upcoming trade show, and they wanted to showcase their new concept of having a handheld RFID device scan each cabinet component as they are received, in order to verify that there are no missing pieces to the overall materials list.

Unfortunately, the tradeshow was quickly approaching, and the cabinet company needed the program completed in four days! They reached out to the engineers at EMP Technical Group, whose knowledge in both RFID
and programming, enables them to turn around a custom application for the customer in three days. The program even utilized the cabinet
manufacturer’s logo and exact coloring.

They can now provide a solution that allows their customers to upload a bill of material that contains every piece of cabinetry needed. Each item is scanned and cross-checked against the original bill of material as they are unloaded at the build location.

EMP Technical Group was the perfect integrator for this job, as their extensive knowledge in both RFID and software allowed them to create a custom solution in under four days. The application truly defines one of the motos at EMP: “We do it NOW!”.

Do you have an project that you are looking to implement NOW? Don’t hesitate to contact EMP!

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