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Challenge: Integrate a custom software system that verifies correct order fulfillment across a large warehouse, from initial pick, to placement into packaging and finally shipping to the end customer.

Solution: A fully integrated custom software program that communicates with SAP, the customer’s Warehouse Management Software (WMS), and PLCs on the new packaging equipment.

Story: A large sunglass manufacturer needed a better way to verify that what was being shipped from their warehouse to the end customer was the correct product. The warehouse has a large variety of sunglass makes and models. They were running into quite a few issues of the wrong product being shipped to the wrong customer.

The software engineers at EMP Technical Group were able to step in and tackle this project. Tracking an order that was placed online, through a large warehouse can be a difficult project to undertake, especially when there is a wide variety of products. Their team of software engineers used their extensive software knowledge to integrate the customer’s SAP software so that it could speak with the Warehouse Management Software (WMS). This allowed the customer to verify that the correct product is selected from the online order.

The custom program from EMP also speaks with the local PLC on the packaging machine, ensuring that each step in the packaging process is completed All relevant information is displayed on a local HMI (which was also installed and programmed by the EMP team) so the operator is aware of each pass or fail from the system.

After the whole system was up and running, the customer was so pleased with the results that they inquired about the possibility of adding metrics to some of the processes. In the final step of the project, the EMP software engineers wrote a separate custom program enabling the corporate headquarters to see how each warehouse was running.

EMP Technical Group has the software team in-house to tackle these large custom software projects. If you are looking to add traceability to your process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the EMP Technical Group team!

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