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Label Printing from Forklift Trucks


QLn420 on Mobile Mount

Do your warehouse operations require your lift truck drivers to handle labels? If so, we have a major improvement for both efficiency and accuracy in your operations. We have sold and installed mobile printers on lift trucks for several of our customers. The gains in efficiency and accuracy that they have realized have been amazing.

Both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers are available as well as mounts designed specifically for lift trucks. These mounts include fan fold trays for large volumes of label storage before changeover. Power adapters are included, so batteries and charging are not required.

The advantages of this solution only start with the efficiency gains realized by eliminating wasted trips to retrieve labels from stationary printers. The need to handle batches of pre-printed labels to ensure that the right label is going on the right product is eliminated. Not to mention the increased accuracy of “one label, one transaction”. Some operations are also able to eliminate hours of labor spent by someone other than the lift operator printing and applying labels.

QLn420_forklift_lgThe EMP Tech Group is ready to help make your operations more efficient and profitable. We will gladly come to your facility with product information, demo equipment, as well as skilled and experienced technical resources to implement these new types of technology. Call or email us today!


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Issue 11 – Printing Labels from Forklift Truck

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