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Label Printing Kiosk for Shop Floor

Android label printing kiosk with MCL software interface

Challenge: Design a new label printing kiosk solution for the customer’s out-of-date PC and label software.

Solution: A label printing kiosk consisting of a Zebra CC6000 integrated with MCL code.

Story: A customer recently approached EMP with the need to upgrade their labeling system. They had a desktop PC running a very old label software product. Both the software and the PC needed to be replaced, but putting a PC on the shop floor was undesirable.

The engineers at EMP are always thinking outside the box. Instead of replacing the items one for one, the label printing kiosk solution they developed uses the CC6000 Kiosk from Zebra, MCL (which is a rapid development tool that can run on the Android based terminal), and BarTender running on the customers server. The CC6000 is typically used in retail settings, but EMP recognized the value of having a barcode scanner, touch-screen, Wi-Fi, and Zebra’s rugged version of Android all in one device.

label created by label printing kiosk

The solution was developed and installed in less than a week. EMP replaced a clunky, old, IT maintained PC and replaced it with a sleek, Android label printing kiosk. The MCL code prompts the operator for inputs on lot codes and expiration dates. These are scanned into the kiosk and then pushed over the wireless network to a SQL database. BarTender, on the server, sees the data in the database, processes it and sends the label over to the printer. The operator applies the label to the product and the prompt series starts over again.

One of the huge benefits of this approach is the large number of devices supported by MCL. If the customer desired, the data collection could be a completely mobile solution with both a mobile computer and printer. This type of project is the hallmark of what they do at EMP. Off the shelf products are customized to develop clever and cost-effective solutions that can be rapidly developed and installed.

Are you looking to upgrade your out-of-date equipment? Contact EMP today to see what out-of-the box solution they can design for you!

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