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Matthews Marking Systems e-SolarMark CO2 laser marking

There are two main types of laser marking systems for product identification, Fiber and Co2.  Fiber is primarily used to mark metal and Co2 for paper, plastic, and glass.  Not so straight forward is whose laser marking system to use.  There are so many in the market and finding one manufacturer that produces their own product and does both fiber and Co2 is a challenge.


Several years ago, EMP partnered with Matthews Marking Systems for both laser and ink jet systems.  Matthews is the sole US distributor of Solaris lasers and produces their own ink jet systems.  Solaris lasers are produced in Poland, come in many versions of fiber and Co2 and are truly a leader in laser marking systems.  Layer on to that the Imperia controller capabilities that Matthews provides and the integration capabilities from EMP and you have a winning combination.


Laser is the preferred marking system for EMP.  We have sold and continue to sell ink jet systems, but the clean capabilities of laser marking with almost no maintenance makes it the preferred technology.  We at EMP have not forgotten our pharmaceutical customers painting their floors black to mask the messy ink stains created by their ink jet markers before they all converted over to laser marking many years back.

As featured in this month’s Engineering Corner, EMP layers on the ability to build a turnkey laser marking system enclosure for the customer with mark verification built in.  We can also integrate the laser marking system with your host software, programming the mark message, doing collecting data, storing laser mark images and more. We would love to partner with you on your next laser marking project. Contact us today!

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