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How to Load Media in a Zebra ZT400 Printer

Our service team works  on a variety of Zebra printers every day. Let our service manager, George, walk you through the step-by-step process of how to load media into a Zebra ZT400 series printer!

Step 1: Open media door

Step 2: Open print head

Step 3: Pull media guides to their outermost location

Step 4: Place media on the supply spindle – feeding it between the media sensor and out the front of the printer

Step 5: Put ribbon on ribbon supply spindle – push in with leader of the ribbon hanging to the right

Step 6: Feed the ribbon underneath the printhead and up to the ribbon take-up spindle

Step 7: Turn the ribbon spindle a few times

Step 8: Adjust both media guides so they are snug against the media

Step 9: Close the printhead and media cover

Step 10: Press pause to ready the media for printing

Check out the video on our YouTube channel:


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