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Mobile Computer Software for ERP System

Challenge: Create a solution that would allow an ERP system provider to easily integrate into the end customer’s process by utilizing mobile computers and barcode scanners.

Solution: Implement a web-based mobile device interface for ERP system that can run on any size mobile device needed.

Story: EMP Technical Group was recently contacted by a ERP system provider. The company has a strong ERP system, although it was not scalable when it came to mobile devices, leaving a hole in their product offering. EMP Technical Group was a perfect fit for this project, as their engineers could handle both the hardware and software needed to get the ERP system up and running on almost any mobile device. The software engineers at EMP wrote a web-based program that allows the end customer to integrate barcode scanning into their daily ERP routines. By creating a web-based program, the end customer can access their ERP system on any size mobile device available.

The engineers at EMP were also able to work with the end customer to determine which mobile devices would be best for their process. First, EMP completed an analysis on what would be needed to integrate their Wi-Fi into the warehouse. Next, various mobile devices were tested, and it was determined that the Zebra TC8000 with extended range imager would be best for scanning their barcodes.

The final solution, the combination of hardware and custom software, was integrated together. The ERP system provider now has a satisfied customer that can integrate their ERP software now only on desktop computers, but also across the warehouse floor. They are now able to simply scan PO receipts, inventory transfers, order picking, etc…with just a few clicks on their mobile devices.

Do you have a custom ERP software but no front end that will work on mobile devices? Do you have an outdated warehouse system? Are you looking for a one stop shop that can tackle your project?

Don’t hesitate to reach out the team at EMP Technical Group!

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