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Mobile Printing from Forklifts

mobile printing from forkliftsChallenge: Address downtime associated with labeling errors by integrating a solution that would enable more accurate labeling in the warehouse.

Solution: Allow for mobile printing from forklifts. Using a Zebra mobile printer (QLN Series) mounted directly to warehouse forklift truck enables an operator to print the correct label on the spot.

Story: A manufacturing company in St. Louis, Missouri was having issues when it came to product labeling in the warehouse. Previously, the forklift operator would collect all SKUs from a packing list and load them on a pallet. The pallet of products was then taken to a stationary printer to print the necessary labels that were to be placed on each product. The delay between picking and labeling left room for error, causing mislabeled products and downstream headaches. This resulted in wasted time and money for the company.

“The whole reason for implementing mobile printers was to make labeling more accurate. The warehouse person picks a line item on his/her list, prints out & applies appropriate labels for that SKU before moving on to the next line item. Previously, the warehouse person would pick everything going on a single pallet (could be multiple SKU’s) before printing & applying labels at a stationary printer. That lag contributed to misapplied labeling and downstream headaches. The mobile printers should greatly reduce that possibility.”

EMP Technical Group was brought on to assess and solve the issue at hand. In order to eliminate the delay between product picking and labeling, EMP recommended mounting a mobile printer to the forklift itself. This allows the operator to print each label while picking the corresponding product. The label is printed and placed on the product before moving on to the next SKU.

The solution has not only minimized the time involved in labeling the product, but it has also greatly reduced any downstream issues with a mislabeled product.

Technology: The Zebra QLn420 label printer is a direct thermal mobile printer capable of printing labels up to 4” wide at speeds of up to 4” per second.  The printer has Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 a, b/g, n Wi-Fi and USB connections.  When paired with Zebra’s forklift mount and fan fold tray, large volumes of labels can be printed without label change

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mobile printing from forklifts

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