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One of the fastest growing segments of our business has been mobile power systems. Mobile computers and printers have always been a mainstay of our business, but sometimes you need the ability to move your workstation to the product.

Fortunately, the solution is here. The EMP Tech Group has a full line of standard and custom mobile workstations to fit any need. Over the years, we have supplied many of our customers with standard mobile workstations from Newcastle Systems. These work great for many applications, but for some a custom workstation that more closely mimics the fixed workstation it replaces is the answer. For these situations, the EMP Tech Group will build a custom station still utilizing the bullet proof power pack that is the core of the Newcastle carts, just with a custom wrapper.

The efficiency gains of these mobile workstations are numerous. Any operation where a worker is walking back and forth to retrieve labels or paper work are prime candidates. If a fork lift operator is required to bring product and take it away from a workstation to be processed, mobile workstations are the answer. Another use case is when your software application just can’t be run or accessed by a mobile computer and you need a full PC or laptop to do your job. This is especially true if labels and paperwork need to be printed as part of the process.

How can we utilize powered workstations in the warehouse?

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Warehouse Diagram

What about printing pack slips and other documents I currently print on my laser printer?

Direct Thermal Pack Slip Printer

The Achilles heel of mobile power systems has always been document printers. The high power requirements of laser printers will drain the batteries in a very short time. Not to mention the warm up time required, the high cost of toner and lack of reliability in a mobile environment. To meet this need, we have developed a direct thermal pack slip printer utilizing one of Zebra’s kiosk printers, the TTP8200. This printer will print a full 8 1/2″ wide pack slip on paper with 1/3 the power consumption of a laser printer. The unit is not packaged as it comes from Zebra, so we engineered a case for the printer with either a front opening door and slide mechanism or a top hatch opening to access paper. The paper comes on large rolls that will print many hundreds of pack slips before a paper change is needed. 

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