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Print Labels From Flash Drive Using ZBI

Our programming team recently created a demo application using the Zebra Builder Interface (ZBI). The application allows a user to print labels from a flash drive simply by plugging it into a printer. The 1-minute video below features a live demo and explanation of the following steps.

Step 1: Plug in the formatted flash drive to transfer the text file to the printer. This process begins automatically and will restart the printer when complete. Once the printer powers back on, it lets us know the transfer was complete and we can remove the flash drive.

Step 2:  Our program is set to start automatically when the printer power cycles, so it’s already running when the printer powers back on.

Step 3: Press the feed button to print a label. One label will be printed for each time the button is pressed. Continue pressing the feed button until an “End of Data” label prints.

Step 4: The program deletes the text file from memory and ends. To print again, we simply return to Step 1.

Watch the video to see this demo in action. To learn more about what’s possible with ZBI, please contact us.

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