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Custom products and services have always been some of the things that sets us apart.  Last month in this newsletter we highlighted the EMP Products that we have developed for customers and then turned into standard products for other customers to purchase.  Services such as printer maintenance has been another “product” that we have customized for customers.

There never seems to be a one size fits all.  Some customers want us to take care of a few things for them and some want us to own the whole process.  Our ability to adapt and mold our offerings to this range of needs is one of our strengths.

The recent addition of mobile computer support which falls under the EMPCare banner is no exception.  We can manage just the core RMA for repair function, we can manage a spares pool in addition, add in reconfiguring the devices before sending back out, hand carry to your site or even layer in the first line of tech support for your users.  All of this with a web portal called “OneTouch” that allows you, the customer, to enter the data in once and we handle it all from there.

One thing is one size fits all and that is the fact that the EMP Tech Group can make label printing, barcode scanning, RFID and machine vision as simple as it gets for you.  Contact us today to see the difference!

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