Ivanti Software Products

Ivanti Velocity Browser

Velocity Browser’s unique features maximize the productivity of mobile workers, minimize support and administration costs, and provide a seamless migration from legacy applications to today’s Web-based solutions.

Ivanti Terminal Emulation

Ivanti Terminal Emulation™ is the industry leading emulation client and is in use on more than 3,000,000 mobile devices worldwide, including many of the largest retailers in the world.

Ivanti Speakeasy

The benefits of Voice technology to your enterprise are endless, and with Ivanti Speakeasy™, you no longer have to worry about a time consuming and cost-prohibitive implementation. Speakeasy delivers low-cost, high quality integration of client-side, Voice driven data collection into existing host connectivity applications.

Ivanti Wavelink Velocity

Modernize Your Touchscreen with Wavelink from Ivanti Take full advantage of the touch-driven interfaces these devices offer, without sinking millions of dollars into app migration. Wavelink Velocity delivers automatic modernization of your telnet softw …

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