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Industrial Marking & Coding Solutions from Matthews Marking Systems – Inkjet and Laser Part Mark


EMP Tech Group is proud to offer inkjet and laser part mark products from Matthews Marking Systems, a leader in the marking and coding industry. This partnership gives us the capability to offer complete solutions for every type of marking need that our customers might have, including laser (CO2 and Fiber), high-speed inkjet (CIJ and DOD), high-resolution inkjet (Piezo and TIJ), and MPERIA™ universal printer control system.

With an extensive range of products and an in-house engineering department, Matthews Marking Systems has established a global reputation as a  premier innovator and supplier of cutting edge technologies and equipment in the marking and coding industry.  Best known for their robust and reliable systems along with a complete line of consumables, Matthews provides:

  • Brand on-demand systems
  • Product/Part Marking and Identification
  • Case Coding/Printing
  • Traceability and Serialization Solutions

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closeup of inkjet marking on pill packaging

Continuous Injket

For food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, as well as for assorted industrial applications such as plastics and metal pipe, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing is an ideal choice for printing date, time, batch codes, text, barcodes and logos.

High Resolution Inkjet - Matthews Marking Products - L-Series

High-Resolution Inkjet

For case coding (T-Series) or marking porous and non-porous materials (L-Series), high-resolution inkjet printers can eliminate costly labels and packaging. Easily print batch and date codes, variable text, graphics, and barcodes on-demand onto almost any surface.

Inkjets can achieve consistently sized text even on challenging or uneven surfaces

Large Character – DOD Inkjet

Matthews’ DOD printers are suitable for many different large character applications, including packaging and industrial, as well as the harshest environments. Our DOD systems feature the longest life and most reliable print head in the industry.

closeup of laser marking on beverage bottle

Laser Marking

Full line of CO2, diode and fiber laser marking machines to suit your marking and coding needs. Matthews lasers are designed to fit a number of industrial and packaging applications, whether you need to mark in static or continuous mode, and onto a variety of materials, such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, foils, coated metals, and building materials.

Screenshot of MPERIA print controller software

MPERIA Print Control

Developed as a universal platform for various Matthews print technologies, MPERIA Print Control lets you manage messages and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations.

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