Continuous Injket

For food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, as well as for assorted industrial applications such as plastics and metal pipe, continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing is an ideal choice for printing date, time, batch codes, text, barcodes and logos.   Print at speeds up to 1050 feet/minute, and character heights from .05” to .61” (1.25mm – 15.6mm.)

CIJ printers are a non-contact form of high-speed printing that operates by channeling a continuous stream of ink through a nozzle.  The stream of ink is then broken up into individual droplets at a rate of 120,000 per second, selectively charged, and then deflected into a dot matrix pattern to form characters.  Undeflected drops are recirculated.

All CIJ printers use the same basic technology, but they are not all the same in terms of design.  Before you buy a CIJ printer, look at the printhead.  Our printhead is the cleanest, simplest, most durable design you can buy.  The plumbing and circuitry are hermetically sealed inside the printhead, and the nozzle and gutter are solidly mounted so they can’t easily be knocked out of alignment.  And a positive air option prevents airborne particles from entering the printhead and contaminating the ink.  The reliable and robust design of Matthews’ CIJ printer assures you of optimum uptime performance.

Front view of C84 inkjet - Matthews Marking Systems


With up to 4-line printing capability, and a variety of ink options, including pigmented inks, the C84+ is suitable for printing date codes on aluminum cans, lot codes on blister packs, or barcodes on plastic pipe, to name a few applications.

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