High-Resolution Inkjet

Use high-resolution inkjet when you need the highest quality print on your corrugated boxes and other porous materials.  Often a substitute for pre-printed labels or boxes, high-resolution inkjet affords you the convenience of on-demand printing of batch and date codes, variable text, graphics, and barcodes, eliminating your need to stock such costly items.

Matthews’ MPERIA™ T-Series high-resolution printer operates using piezoelectric technology. The robust printhead create dark, crisp images with print heights up to 3.94” (100mm) from a single printhead.  Our superior ink efficiency, and re-circulating auto-prime function, contributes to up to 35% less ink consumption than competing brands.

The MPERIA™ L-Series thermal ink jet printer provides variable data printing with high native print resolution (600 x 600 dpi) up to 200 feet per minute, nearly twice as fast as other thermal ink jet printers. There are numerous ink offerings for porous and non-porous applications, as well as inks for challenging applications. The advanced nozzle design reduces ink consumption making the L-Series a cost-effective alternative to labels and thermal transfer printing. Changeover is easy as snapping in a new ink cartridge, no maintenance and no repairs.

VIAjet L-Series maximum print height up to 2"

VIAjet™ L-Series – Thermal Inkjet

For applications using heavy ink volumes, the VIAjet™ L-Series Bulk Ink System will meet your needs. The VIAjet™ L-Series Bulk Ink System allows you to print twice as fast and your cartridge can last twice as long.

Matthews Marking Systems viajet T-Series inkjet printer

VIAjet™ T-Series – High-Resolution Case Coding

The T-Series is a cost-effective alternative to adhesive labels and pre-printed corrugated boxes.

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