Automated Locker Systems

Axcess Automated Locker Systems

You’ve got to keep inventory moving at high velocity to meet the demands of today’s “want it now” consumers. Seconds matter. Accuracy matters. You likely have tens of thousands of dollars invested in handheld scanners, radios, and other mobile devices— yet each day, each shift, these mission-critical assets go missing, aren’t charged, or are discovered broken. And to further optimize the management of these devices, you need systems and processes that are easy for your ever-changing workforce to learn and perform with little to no training.

Ready to go, every shift
To optimize your warehouse operations and deliver real-time retail, you need 24/7 device visibility and accountability — see who is using devices, where, and for how long. Apex Automated Locker Systems for warehouses are intelligent, Internet-based devices that require employees to check out, check in, and recharge your mission-critical handhelds— dramatically reducing replacement costs, misplaced or missing equipment, and downtime. No more wasted “walk and wait” time due to dead batteries and searching for lost and misplaced devices. No more lost productivity.

Powerful technology that keeps your inventory moving
We outfit all solutions with the Trajectory CloudTM. It tracks each device transaction in real time, allowing you to effortlessly manage, recharge and control your most valuable items – from handheld and wireless devices to POS/barcode terminals, radios, laptops, tablets — even other tools and equipment.

Setting up Apex automated locker systems is easy. With Apex Connect n’ Go technology, just provide power, connect to the Internet and you are ready to go. There’s no software to install and nothing for your IT department to support.

It all adds up to a powerful competitive advantage for your retail DC.



Axcess Asset Management Locker Systems keep track of your devices while keeping them fully charged and secure.

Axcess 6100

Organized, charged, ready to work. Secure check-out and check-in. Backed by powerful technology.

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