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Count on EMP for all your Enterprise Wireless LAN needs

Businesses are increasingly seeing the need to upgrade their wireless networks to keep up with changing 802.11 standards, and the ever-increasing number of wireless-enabled devices. EMP Technical Group specializes in the planning, installation, and integration of WLAN networks. If you’re looking at wireless for the first time, wanting to optimize your existing network, or upgrade to the latest and greatest, EMP Tech Group can help.

AP 7131 Wireless Access Point

The AP 7131 802.11n Wireless Access Point delivers the throughput, coverage and resiliency required to build an all-wireless enterprise. The tri-radio design provides simultaneous support for high-speed wireless voice and data services, self-healing mesh networking and non-data applications such as Motorola’s Wireless IPS.

RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller

The RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller is designed to provide any branch office or remote facility with high performance, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure wireless and wired networking services. The RFS4000 is the only product in its class that offers dual-band access concurrent with Mesh services as well as gap-free security with 24×7 Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS).

RFS 6000 Wireless LAN Switch

Built on Motorola’s Wireless Next Generation (WiNG) architecture, the RF Switch (RFS) 6000 supports Wi-Fi, RFID, seamless roaming, next-generation self-healing, 3G/4G wireless broadband backhaul, gap-free layered security, rich locationing services, 802.11n with Mesh, centralized management and more.

ExtremeWireless WiNG AP 7632

With the new AP 7632 Wave 2 802.11ac access point, your network will get 802.11ac performance with overlay services to propel your enterprise. Fully compatible with every wireless device from legacy 802.11abgn devices up to the newest 802.11AC MU-MIMO smartphones.


AP 7161 Outdoor 802.11n

Perfect for extending network coverage to outside areas, the AP 7161 brings the latest 802.11n 3×3 MIMO tri-radio design together with the rugged outdoor performance. True perimeter security is provided using either a dedicated dual-band sensor or software mode for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to deliver 24×7 rogue detection and termination.

AP 6562 Outdoor Dual Radio 802.11a/b/g/n

Designed for extending Wi-Fi coverage to outdoor areas, the AP 6562 provides a cost-effective means of supporting the most demanding wireless applications and large number of wireless devices.

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