Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design Services

The last thing that people think about in a project is the enclosure to house the interface hardware, the mounting required to hold a scanner or printer in the right place or the fixturing needed to hold the part. Over the years we have acquired the tools and honed the skills needed to build these custom items that are necessary to make the project work.

We have built hardware for a variety of projects from machine vision to barcode reading and even the installation of wireless access points. Contact us today to see how we can help with your automation project!


  • Knowledgable Engineering Services Team
  • Ability to design and fabriccate custom hardware
  • We install to make sure every component is correct

Machine Vision Projects

Machine Vision usually requires an enclosure with a fixture to hold the part. The enclosure is where the camera and lighting are mounted and is also needed to shield the inspection process from ambient light.

Conveyor Line Scan

Conveyor line scanning projects require mounting hardware to hold the bar code scanners and lighting in the right place to read the bar codes. Sometimes this is a six-sided scanning project with cameras and lights all over the place.

Unless you want a mess of cabling, you need a neat and orderly panel build to house the interface hardware, cables, industrial PC, alarms and indicators to name a few.

Wireless Access Points

Wireless access points can sometimes disappear into the ceiling when it is 30 or 40 feet up. Also, when trouble-shooting, it can be challenging to know which access point is which. Because of this, EMP developed a mounting system that includes a solid plastic back plate, bright yellow identification labels, mounting hardware and safety straps. Now access points are easy to spot and easily identifiable.

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