Programming and Integration Services

Programming and Integration Services

We sell world-class automation hardware and software. We specialize in Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, Label Printers, RFID, Machine Vision, Wireless Networking, Laser Marking and much more. Sometimes these products plug into your operations with little additional effort. Sometimes it requires major surgery to get the new automation hardware to work properly with your systems.

Our programming and integration services get you up and running as quickly as possible. We have worked on a variety of integration projects over the years. Our team can do it all from software installation to custom programming and hardware design and installation. Below are a few examples of the many projects we have worked on over the years.

Mobile Computing

For Mobile Computing, EMP sells and supports many Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools to enable customers to push updates and support mobile computers remotely and from the cloud. Wireless networking for mobile computers is a specialty that we excel in. Devices going across your warehouse on a forklift coming within range of a dozen access points in just a few minutes requires a network designed to seamlessly handle these types of handoffs.

Label Printing

For Label Printing, EMP offers two primary label printing software packages, BarTender and NiceLabel. Our team can install network versions of these applications, design label formats, connect to databases for label data and much more.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision is an extremely challenging product. The level of knowledge and experi-ence needed to understand and use the tools required for this type of project is immense. With decades of experience, EMP can design and integrate machine vision systems into your operations to perform quality inspection on your parts labels.


RFID is something that many of our customers want to use to help automate their opera-tions. There are many misperceptions about how RFID works and what it is truly capable of doing. EMP can help you to navigate the murky waters of RFID and find out for sure if this is a technology that makes sense for your business.

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