Project Management

Project Management

All of our customers have one thing in common—they have limited IT and Project Management resources. Stir in the fact that the products that we sell tend to be complex and specialized, and you have a big need for out-sourced project management.

Below are some examples of the types of projects that we manage for our customers. Each project follows a process: quote, specifications development, scope of work document, project timeline creation, assigning of a dedicated project manager, weekly status meetings, and the formation of a team for every installation. We at EMP have multiple projects like this going on at all times. We manage anywhere from 300 to 400 projects in a given year. They range from small to large projects, and some are local while others are across the country.

As always, we go the extra mile to be sure that your project is successful and on time. Here are a few examples of the types of projects that EMP Tech Group’s engineering team can manage for you.


We can manage your warehouse by installing mobile computing, label printing, wireless networking, label software, mobile power carts, and cloud-based support tools. We will get the correct people trained in order to meet all go-live dates, and repeat the warehouse overhaul at each location that is needed.

Machine Vision

We have installed many machine vision systems that involve cameras, lighting, fixtures, custom user interfaces, training and database integration. We can repeat this process for every machine vision application on your floor.


We have managed a number of traceability projects including cloud-based applications that can track production on your shop floor, barcode scanner integration, installing PC-based work stations, label printer installation, mobile computer installation, database integration, reporting, and end-user training. If you want to improve how you track your production, we can help!

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