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Specialty Label Printers – For Difficult Print Jobs

Specialty Label Printers

Thermal printers are one of the backbone products of our company. But for certain applications or processes, standard printers are not capable of meeting a customer’s print requirements. For these unique use cases, specialty label printers are the answer.

Color label printers have been on some of our customer’s wish list for a long time now. What was once a “not going to happen” is now a real possibility. This need can be solved with either a two-color thermal transfer printer from CAB or with a color inkjet printer from Epson. We have already tested these internally to be sure that they are worthy of us selling and supporting. Plus, we have now sold and successfully installed these printers in several customer applications.

Another common “not going to happen” that we have come up against over the years is the thermal printing of very small labels. Very small being less than 1” x 1”. With 600 dpi resolution and special media handling, the CAB A+ series of printers are up to the job of printing very tiny labels precisely and repeatedly. We also have several installations of duplex labeling systems, where the pack slip is printed on the back side of the shipping label. For warehouse and logistics application, this solution can save incredible amounts of cost and labor.

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