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Streamlined Logistics for Automotive Manufacturer

Challenge: Streamline inventory management of spare bumpers for large auto manufacturer.

Solution: Create custom software program that eliminates previous excel system and provides a real-time inventory of every bumper in each location.

Story: EMP Technical Group was recently approached by one of their current auto manufacturing customers about improving the process behind their spare bumper inventory management. The auto manufacturer was quickly out growing their building’s footprint, and the warehouse space that was once used to store and ship bumpers was no longer going to be available.

With the elimination of the warehouse space each bumper needed to be manufactured and shipped “just in time”. The initial process involved tracking each bumper on an excel sheet as it was produced in the manufacturing facility, placed on racks, delivered to the docks, and finally delivered to a second facility where they are loaded onto pallets and shipped to the distributor. This process was timely and riddled with human error.

The engineering team at EMP was able to step in and streamline this process. They developed a custom web-based program that allows the bumpers to be produced as needed and tracked with barcodes as they traveled throughout the two facilities.

At any one time, the customer can see exactly how many of each bumper is being held in the manufacturing facility, being delivered to the secondary facility, and being shipped out. The web-based program also allows for easy changes to the program. If a bumper is damaged, then they can quickly update the quantity needed to account for the damaged bumper.

This custom program, along with state-of-the-art mobile computers and barcode scanners, has greatly improved the accuracy of the bumper tracking process.

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