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Forklift Mounted Tablets – Can They Really Hold Up?

Forklift Mounted Tablet from Zebra in Gamber-Johnson Mount

Historically, we have only sold very rugged terminals for use on forklifts. The amount of punishment that a forklift puts out is extreme. With hard rubber tires and no suspension, forklifts were built to lift and carry heavy loads, not to coddle its occupants or the electronic hardware attached to them. Early tablet computers deployed into this space weren’t designed for this type of abuse and failed quickly. But there is a new generation of forklift mounted tablets, and we think the manufacturers might have found the winning formula.

Recently, there has been a trend towards using tablet computers in forklift applications. As always, EMP has not been an early adopter, we instead have waited and watched some of our customers try out consumer and rugged tablets in forklift applications. As a result, we have seen both struggles and success. The struggles have come when consumer-grade tablets were attempted. Frequent hardware failure, wireless issues, difficulties interfacing with accessories have plagued many of these installs. Rugged tablets have fared better, but with the cost of the tablet and the mounting hardware required, there were no real cost savings in this approach.

With the recent release of Zebra’s ET5X tablets, a balance between ruggedness and cost-effectiveness has finally made forklift mounted tablets a viable option. EMP has also signed up Gamber-Johnson as a new line in order to round out our mounting hardware solutions.

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