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Download a FREE Trial of BarTender Label Software

Try BarTender® 2016 Free for 30 Days You are a click away from downloading the latest version of the world’s most trusted software for designing, printing and automating the production of labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards and more. BarTender’s four editions support a wide range of printing and marking solutions, from small, stand-alone environments […]

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Android App Icon for Zebra Printer Setup Utility

Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility For Link-OS Printers

Quickly setup and manage your Link-OS enabled printers with Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility. The app lets you do everything from pairing your printer, setting parameters, and monitoring the health and performance of your printer. Download the app from Google Play, Zebra AppGallery, or from www.zebra.com/setup. Download the Overview Article  

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Thumbnail for how to install hand strap on Zebra TC8000

How To Install Hand Strap on TC8000

Speaking from experience, it can be challenging to install the hand strap on the new Zebra TC8000. Check out this handy installation guide.

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Zebra TC8000 - an evolution in mobile computing

Enable Code128 Symbology in Wavelink Android TE Client

Can’t scan code128 within Wavelink Android TE client? Try the following solution from Zebra Support. Question: How to enable code128 within Wavelink Android TE client  Symptom: Unable to scan Code128 when using the Data Capture Zebra parameter in the Android Universal Telnet Client or earlier.  Answer:  You need to enable Sub Symbology Parameters. Open […]

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Cleaning printhead and platen roller on Zebra ZT200 thumbnail

Cleaning Printhead and Platen Roller on ZT200 Series

When you rely on your Zebra printers to create quality labels every time, it is important to keep them clean and well-maintained. Regularly cleaning the printhead and platen roller will help you achieve consistently high print quality, and extend the life of these components.

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Error message #3721 from BarTender related to Windows 10 upgrade

BarTender – Get Notifications for Windows Update BarTender Errors

If you follow our Tech Tips posts, you’ll remember that we posted about the latest Windows updates causing errors in BarTender. The Seagull Scientific team has created a special blog post dedicated to this issue that they are updating with the latest information. You can find the latest information here: Notifications for Windows Update Causing […]

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BarTender label software makes custom data entry form editing and creation easy.

Save Time in BarTender – Custom Data Entry Forms

Save yourself time and prevent data entry errors by taking advantage of custom data entry forms for your BarTender 2016 label formats. Guide data entry with custom form elements such as date-pickers, database lookups, and input masks. Get started with this quick tutorial video from Seagull Scientific!

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Error message #3721 from BarTender related to Windows 10 upgrade

Windows Update Causing BarTender Errors

Some of our customers have been receiving errors in BarTender after they installed the latest Windows update from Microsoft. This issue has been confirmed by Seagull and Microsoft. Below is a description of some of the errors you might experience. To resolve these issues, please follow the link to Seagull’s website and walk through the […]

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BarTender Logo

Getting Started with BarTender

We’re continuing our month of BarTender Tech Tips with a getting started video. Watch and learn how simple it is to create great looking and powerful label formats with this software! Interested in pricing or learning more? Please Contact Us

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Thumbnail for BarTender Video - Getting Started with Database Connections

BarTender – Setup Database Connection

BarTender label software is capable of pulling data from virtually any data source. This video from Seagull Scientific will show you how to connect and select your data for use in your label formats.

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Thumbnail for video on how to adjust the printhead pressure for Zebra ZT230 printer

Printhead Pressure Adjustment on Zebra ZT Series

Poor print quality on your Zebra ZT Series? You might want to try adjusting the printhead pressure. Learn how by watching these helpful tutorial videos from Zebra.

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thumbnail for video showing how to manually calibrate Zebra ZT400 Series

Zebra Printer Calibration – How to Resolve Printer Calibration Issues

We commonly receive phone calls for technical support related to printer calibration issues. Here are a few helpful videos and step-by-step guides to help you get your printer calibrated correctly. If you’re still having trouble, please give us a call at 317-776-6700 or Ask a Tech. ZD500 ZD500 – Media Calibration (Video) – Full Step-by-Step Guide […]

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