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Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade BarTender

If your business is not running the latest version of BarTender, your label printing is not as efficient as it could be. Just like updating apps on your smartphone, keeping BarTender up to date allows you to take advantage of upgraded features, additional functionality, and more. We know change (especially with software) can be a little scary, which is why we’re available to help you make the right choice when the time comes for you to upgrade BarTender. Here are the top five reasons to upgrade BarTender now:

1. Increase your labeling efficiency

BarTender is already simple and easy to use. If you have experience in Microsoft Office products, you will quickly feel at home in BarTender’s user interface. With BarTender 2016, they’ve made it even easier to design dynamic label formats, connect with data from other parts of your business, and use advanced automation functions.

2. Improve your label security

Each new version of BarTender has made it easier for you to restrict changes to your design templates. The latest version gives you better control over who is authorized to make changes to existing templates or approve new designs.

3. Keep up with changing regulations

As business and industry regulations evolve, so does BarTender. The development team stays hard at work adding the latest symbologies and templates, so you can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time growing your business.

4. Keep your systems working

Remove the worry from Windows updates when you’re on the latest version of BarTender. Updating BarTender ensures you’ll still be able to print after you install the latest version of Windows.

5. Get access to world-class technical support

Have questions? You’ll have access to comprehensive technical support, online support, and troubleshooting when you upgrade to the latest version.

Pick your version below to learn more about the benefits of upgrading BarTender

Upgrade BarTender Version 9

Upgrade BarTender Version 10

Upgrade BarTender 10.1







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