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Zebra Network Connect Industrial IoT

Zebra made a breakthrough last year in making their label printers and handheld barcode scanners friendlier to integrate on the manufacturing floor. Some of Zebra’s key products are now available with Industrial Ethernet Protocols. The ZT400 series of label printers and the DS3600 handheld scanners are available with what Zebra calls, Network Connect. The industrial protocols supported are PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP.

Direct Interface with PLC

Having this interface available directly on the barcode scanner and label printer make it much easier to interface these devices directly to your PLC. This greatly reduces integration time and cuts hardware cost because there is no need for a third-party interface. The reliability, integrity and security of your production line will be greatly increased.

Improved Hardware

zebra zt400 series

The best part is that these new products are not only equipped with industrial protocols, but the products themselves are so good. We had one customer tell us that the new Zebra barcode scanners will read any barcode that is in the same room with the scanner. The long-range imagers are incredible, and Zebra has more than closed the gap with the competition on their DPM readers. These new scanners will read virtually any barcode instantly, which will increase your scan rates and operator acceptance.

Label printers have also improved significantly. New details like printer interior lighting and illuminated guide arrows are especially helpful. The LCD user displays are much larger and the printers now run an operating system called Link-OS. With this new OS, you can completely configure the printer, even writing applications that run on the printers allowing them to be customizable and standalone.

Top Resellers Only

The requirements to sell these products for Zebra were intense. Zebra wanted only their top-notch resellers to have access to this product. EMP has more than proven our technical expertise in the industrial space and we were one of the few to be chosen to sell these products.

EMP has invested in demo gear and have our technical services staff up to speed on these exciting new products. Contact us today to see how we can help you modernize your production process with Zebra Network Connect.

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