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Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility For Link-OS Printers

The faster you get new equipment up and running, the more quickly you can achieve your return on investment. With Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility, configuring your Link-OS printers to optimize performance is easy – no specialized knowledge required.

An Easy Way to Configure Your Printers

Just download Zebra’s Printer Setup Utility app on your Android mobile device and tap the printer you wish to configure. Your printer and device will instantly begin communicating via Bluetooth. Then follow the simple setup wizard that walks you through how to set specific printing parameters – such as calibration, media type, ribbon, printer language and security – to optimize performance.

Bluetooth Printers Now Manageable – Even in the Field

Traditionally, Bluetooth printers are not easily managed – particularly when the printers are used in the field by a mobile workforce. Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility makes Bluetooth printers manageable via the Cloud by allowing you to retrieve files from Box or Dropbox and then transfer these files to your printers for faster configuration and easier software updates. This simplifies the management of your Bluetooth printers, dramatically improving your return on investment and increasing the productivity of your mobile workforce.

A Faster ROI with Multiple Printer Setup

The more time it takes you to set up a new printer, the greater the productivity loss. Zebra’s Printer Setup Utility app can help speed your ROI by shaving hours or even days off the printer setup process. Previously, setting up multiple printers used to require walking through the same steps over and over again on each printer. Using the Zebra Printer Setup Utility app, you can quickly set up multiple printers by retrieving a setup file stored in a Box or Dropbox account and distributing it to each printer as needed. Or you can share a specific printer configuration instantly by simply tapping your Android device on each printer in your office.

Beyond Setup: Better Device Management for the Life of Your Printers

Zebra’s Printer Setup Utility app not only helps you get your printers up and running faster, it also helps you manage them more effectively. The app provides easy access to current information such as connectivity, total label count and battery life, allowing you to better monitor the health of your printers. This information is provided via a user-friendly, intuitive interface – making it easy to access printer status details even on printers that have no visual screens. Using the app, you can also email your printer’s configuration file to a remote service representative to enable faster resolution of printer issues – or use it to install new printer configurations or operating system software for easier updates.

Quickly setup and manage your Link-OS enabled printers with Zebra’s Android Printer Setup Utility. The app lets you do everything from pairing your printer, setting parameters, to monitoring the health and performance of your printer. Download the app from Google Play, Zebra AppGallery, or from www.zebra.com/setup.

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