Over the years we have built our service offerings for customers based on the request for different types and levels of service. Starting with Onsite Printer Maintenance, then Depot Printer Maintenance, then onsite support of mobile computers and wireless networks.

As we complete projects for customers that involve programming, project management, building hardware for fixtures and panels, we have added those to our services portfolio as well. With the Android Evolution fully upon us and cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools being the norm, we have begun offering remote support for mobile computers using the cloud-based MDM to help our customers push updates, track the health of devices and even support end-users.

The last piece of this puzzle is the comprehensive plan that has EMP coming onsite to ser-vice label printers and using remote tools to support handheld computers.

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Mobile Computer Support

Mobile Computer Support Mobile Computers have become an essential component that many workers depend on to get their job done. We have been servicing mobile computers for years now, but we have worked hard to now offer a full suite of services to meet …

Label Printer Service and Repair

Label Printer Services

We Are There When You Need Us! You rely on your label printers to work when you need them. Having reliable printers means you’re able to hit production targets, fill orders, and do business without costly delays. We work hard to keep your printers runn …

Wireless Network Services

Wireless networking in the warehouse and shop floor is a different animal from traditional wireless networks. When you are dealing with mobile computers and printers traveling across the warehouse or production floor on a forklift, your wireless network needs to be designed to handle mobility.

Project Management

All of our customers have one thing in common—they have limited IT and Project Management resources. Stir in the fact that the products that we sell tend to be complex and specialized, and you have a big need for out-sourced project management.

Programming and Integration Services

We sell world-class automation hardware and software. We specialize in Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, Label Printers, RFID, Machine Vision, Wireless Networking, Laser Marking and much more. Sometimes these products plug into your operations with little additional effort. Sometimes it requires major surgery to get the new automation hardware to work properly with your systems.

Hardware Design Services

Hardware Design Services The last thing that people think about in a project is the enclosure to house the interface hardware, the mounting required to hold a scanner or printer in the right place or the fixturing needed to hold the part. Over the year …

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