EMP News

Adding a New Technology Line

The EMP Technical Group has a new partnership with Celona, a leader in CBRS, or private 5G wireless networks.

The Year of Better Communication

Occasionally, poor customer experiences are due to bad product. But when it's not the product, it's usually the service, specifically poor communication. So where can we be better? Click to read more!

Adding On to Our Warehouse

We're expanding our warehouse! Going vertical was the only option to increase usable space in our facility. Click to read more!

October Newsletter is a Good Stew

It happens to all of us. You have had several good meals that you prepared at home and now you have a refrigerator full of tasty leftovers. Time to stir them all together and make a good stew. This month's newsletter is a little like that.

Shoring Up Our WMS Software Options

We spend a lot of time in warehouses, and we have most of the bases covered for our warehouse customers. But the software is always a challenge. 

Hardware is Starting to Ship

We are starting to see some movement in the shipping of hardware. It is slow coming but getting ever so slightly better.

Nexus and Sales Tax, Yuck!

Nexus changed the way we all do business online. With our wide customer base, we continue to work with each customer on any tax-exempt certificates.

The New Website is Finally Here!

Our new website has finally arrived! Check it out and as always, contact us with any questions!

Fiber is Here

Read about technology improvements underway with the EMP Tech Group including fiber internet and Teams phones.

EMP Behind the Scenes

We've been busy making some behind-the-scenes content for you to enjoy. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel!

Looking Forward to Spring

The past few months have been challenging, but the lessons that we learned about ourselves, and the inspiration that we gained remain. Click below to find out more!

New HVAC in Shop and Warehouse

As our business continues to grow so do the number of projects that require time and space in our shop and warehouse. This meant it was time for a big upgrade to our HVAC system!