EMP News

EMP Promoted by Zebra for RFID 

We've been working with RFID since the time of Alien Technology, but we only sell Zebra RFID products now and have for some time. And up until recently we had not reached the highest RFID certification within their partner program. See how we climbed the ranks to become one of Zebra's Premier RFID Partner Specialists!

EMP Products Are Hot Items

Over the years we've created various products of our own. Each one was designed as a custom solution for one customer that turned into many customers until finally, we decided there was enough demand that we needed to offer them to everyone. Discover which one of these EMP Products are applicable in solving your problems.

Expanding Our Fulfillment Space

Do we have our own warehouse? Yes. Do we use it for fulfillment purposes? Yes. We setup and configure hardware to then be shipped out to our customers so that they're ready to begin using right out of the box. The only problem was, we were running out of allocated space. See what modifications we've made to expand our fulfillment operations.

Attending MODEX

There are two main shows in the US that focus on supply chain. We're not really into exhibiting ourselves, but we mainly attend because some of our customers were going to be there and asked if we'd come along. Secondly, we are always keeping up with the latest in our industry and it is evolving rapidly right now. Hear our experience from this year's MODEX Convention!

Attending the Zebra Partner Conference

It's been four years since we last attended a Zebra Partner's Conference. Since then a lot has happened, so we were excited to see our Zebra people and find out what exciting new products will be coming out soon! Read on to hear Dave's experience and how we stood out against those other Zebra partners!

Eating Our Own Dog Food

We've always felt we would stay small enough as a company where we wouldn't be utilizing the services and products we sold. Check out which products or tools we've had to acquire in house in order to keep up with growth.

A New Year, but More of the Same

There's nothing wrong with always trying to be better and mind you we will always strive to be. But if the formula is working, you might not want to stray from the path too much. Check out our plans for the New Year!

Adding to Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

The road to transitioning to a full featured ERP has been a long one. We used to operate with QuickBooks and in 2021 migrated to using Microsoft's Business Central. With the guidance of our own Drew Kipfer (Director of Business Systems) and very patient employees who were willing to take the time to learn, we were able to yield our ERP into how we operate as a company. So here we are, sharing how we crossed over and what effects it had on our customers.

New Faces at the EMP Tech Group 

Faces! And no we're not talking about that band from the 70's. We're talking about the NEW faces at EMP. These guys have different talents and are less...British. However, with higher education institutions focusing less and less on our industry, it's becoming more difficult to find good, qualified people. In this article we continue to unapologetically boast our luck, acknowledging our wonderful new additions to the EMP Team that will carry on the torch.

Unwinding with a Company Party

Who doesn't like a company party? Well, I guess if you have 1,000 employees it might be a bit daunting. But for a company like us, with over 30 employees, we're still able to host ourselves if we want. And that's just what we did a few weeks back. We invited the families, the spouses, the significant others, and grilled out with Dave Mattingly serving the finest brats this side of the White River. Check out the footage of good times, good people, and good food!

Our 100th YouTube Video

Our first YouTube video was 10 years ago, and it discussed how to load media into a Zebra 110xi4 label printer. That video has been viewed 23,000 times since then. From humble beginnings, we have steadily grown our channel, sharing our passion for technology with the world.

New Service Vans

A few months ago we talked about the need to hire more people due to the demand for more quality care to our customers. With that we also purchased new Service Vans. 9 vans to be there for you wherever you need us, WHEN you need us.