EMP News

Surge of RFID

It's everywhere. You can't miss it. Apart from AI, RFID is the new hot topic within our industry. But soon, this once niche technology will be used in a broader market due to distribution mandates. We've been involved with RFID for 20 years now, and it seems our experience and eagerness to learn all we can about this technology is coming to a full circle. See how EMP and it's partner Zebra Technologies are leading the way in RFID.

Building Our Project Library with Video

We're unloading content like it's our busy season. One, to help inform our customers. And two, to spread Brand Awareness. What better way to show who we are and what we're working on than through videos. Whether it be videos from our Project Guide Library or our Customer Projects, we're bringing you more of it all. Check out the link to see why we think it's important to have video content.

Taking Our Marketing to the Next Level

Our main focus has always been staffing engineers and technical support, focusing on the customer and solutions. So we rely heavily on what we know when getting the word out. Videos on solutions, software integration, and past projects have been our go-to strategies. But that's all starting to change.

Adding to our Technical Services Group

Our technical services business, service, and project work, and particularly staging and supporting mobile computers has grown rapidly. So, we were starting to get a little overwhelmed as a group, before we pulled the trigger on a new hire.

Adding a New Technology Line

The EMP Technical Group has a new partnership with Celona, a leader in CBRS, or private 5G wireless networks.

The Year of Better Communication

Occasionally, poor customer experiences are due to bad product. But when it's not the product, it's usually the service, specifically poor communication. So where can we be better? Click to read more!

Adding On to Our Warehouse

We're expanding our warehouse! Going vertical was the only option to increase usable space in our facility. Click to read more!

October Newsletter is a Good Stew

It happens to all of us. You have had several good meals that you prepared at home and now you have a refrigerator full of tasty leftovers. Time to stir them all together and make a good stew. This month's newsletter is a little like that.

Shoring Up Our WMS Software Options

We spend a lot of time in warehouses, and we have most of the bases covered for our warehouse customers. But the software is always a challenge. 

Hardware is Starting to Ship

We are starting to see some movement in the shipping of hardware. It is slow coming but getting ever so slightly better.

Nexus and Sales Tax, Yuck!

Nexus changed the way we all do business online. With our wide customer base, we continue to work with each customer on any tax-exempt certificates.

The New Website is Finally Here!

Our new website has finally arrived! Check it out and as always, contact us with any questions!