Tech Tips

Labels are Always Width by Length

Say it with us, "Labels are always measured width first and then length". It can be confusing purchasing something that is completely unfamiliar to you. Especially if you are just starting out in a company that needs to purchase labels for in house printing. We get it. But we can't tell you how many times we've received an order in the past and they get the dimensions incorrect. Read this short little article to help remind you on the do's and don'ts of purchasing media for your printers and label designer software.

Time to Use Tablets on Forklifts

We here at EMP are finally ready to recommend that all customers move to using tablets on forklifts. After a decade of hoping for this type of technology, Zebra Technologies has finally come out with a tablet that is powerful and rugged enough to be interchangeable for industrial as well as everyday use. Battery operated, bigger screen, and multipurpose driven. Move out of the way VC8300...there's a new kid in town.

Active Sync is Mostly Gone Now

In every trade, every business, somewhere along the way we have to say goodbye to those pioneer tools that we used in the beginning. Back when inventory management technology was first starting to appear, you'd see this application in any number of warehouses. Unfortunately they discontinued this app in 2013. If you're still using Microsoft Active Sync, you should read this.

Use a Rapid Development Software Package

MCL: A rapid development application tool that we have been using for many years. It is very cost effective. It's also very stable and easy to use. And finally, you can develop complex applications yourself for mobile computers in a fraction of the time that it would take to write the application from scratch. Learn how!

Selecting the Right Label Printer

If you already have a label printer network within your workspace, this is for you. If you have NO label printer network in your facility and intend on purchasing in the near future, this is also for you. No matter where you are in your journey this is a useful bit of knowledge.

RFID Site Survey

Have you heard of an "RFID Site Survey"? It's quite similar to a wireless one, and for many reasons is necessary for a company like EMP to conduct in order to best serve you. 95% of the time there is an RFID solution, but you better make sure by doing an RFID site survey before someone starts selling you anything.

Barcode Scanner Selector Guide

Our Barcode Scanner Selector Guide will help you make the right choice when it comes to choosing a barcode scanner for your operations. Click to learn more!

Pairing a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

What if you are not pairing the scanner with the cradle, but with a tablet, or laptop or a cell phone? Does it just work right away then? Well not always.

Printer Calibration for Your Label Printers

Printer calibration can be the key to maintaining your printer productivity. Here's a brief tutorial on calibrating the Zebra QLn420 and a ZT610 printers.

Using Surge Suppressors in Your System

This simple solution that can save you hours or even days of troubleshooting. Do you know what it is? Click to find out!

Be Careful Upgrading to Android 11

You can test a product before launch, but sometimes there are unforeseen variables from third party operating systems. Do your applications on your rugged device rely on a MAC address? Well, the Android 11 OS might be a problem. Click to read more!

Could You Be in Airplane Mode?

No data connection on your mobile computer? You might be in airplane mode. Read on to get ahead of this common mistake!