Tech Tips

RFID Site Survey

You're probably familiar with a "Wireless Site Survey", but have you heard of an "RFID Site Survey"? It's quite similar to a wireless one, and for many reasons is necessary for a company like EMP to conduct in order to best serve you. Similar to a wireless survey, our engineers assess a facility, asking the first question: "what will the tags be applied to?". From there we work our way out by determining which RFID scanners best scan those tags, and then decipher which type of software best fits those scanners. But it all starts with a tag. 95% of the time there is an RFID solution, but you better make sure by doing an RFID site survey before someone starts selling you anything.

Barcode Scanner Selector Guide

Barcode scanners can be as simple as plug and play. Plug the scanner into your USB port and in a few seconds, you can start scanning barcodes into your documents. But that is just the down and dirty end of barcode scanning. What if you need to scan codes that are marked directly onto a part that is metal or plastic? What if you need to scan parts in motion on your conveyor? That is where a company like EMP really can help.

Pairing a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

So, what could be so hard, people pair Bluetooth barcode scanners with devices every day. Particularly easy if you are using the communications and charging cradle that came with the scanner. Just scan the pairing barcode and it works right away. But, what if you are not pairing the scanner with the cradle, but with a tablet, or laptop or a cell phone. Does it just work right away then? Well not always

Printer Calibration for Your Label Printers

Printer calibration can be the key to maintaining your printer productivity. Here's a brief tutorial on calibrating the Zebra QLn420 and a ZT610 printers.

Using Surge Suppressors in Your System

This simple solution that can save you hours or even days of troubleshooting. Do you know what it is? Click to find out!

Be Careful Upgrading to Android 11

You can test a product before launch, but sometimes there are unforeseen variables from third party operating systems. Do your applications on your rugged device rely on a MAC address? Well, the Android 11 OS might be a problem. Click to read more!

Could You Be in Airplane Mode?

No data connection on your mobile computer? You might be in airplane mode. Read on to get ahead of this common mistake!

Calibrating Zebra Mobile Printers

It is a simple problem, but we get calls about it all the time.  Getting a mobile printer, particularly a Zebra mobile printer, to calibrate and stop at the top of the form for the label.

Choosing the Right Barcode Symbology

Selecting a barcode symbology is an important decision with several factors to take into consideration. Start with our guide to choose the right barcode symbology.

Printer String Overwriting Your Printer Settings

When you are having issues that seem like the printer is broken because it won’t accept any of the changes you are making to the settings, it might be that your label format is overwriting those changes, and there is nothing wrong with the printer.

Updating Firmware on ZT Printer with USB

In this month's Tech Tip, we will show you how to update the firmware on a Zebra ZT printer with USB.

Rapid Development Applications

Are you looking for a software product that allows you to develop applications in days, not weeks or months?