Tech Tips

How to Get RxLogger Log Files for Zebra Android Devices

Step-by-step instructions on how to get RxLogger Log Files for Zebra Android devices.

Zebra 123Scan and AutoConfig

We keep you updated on the latest tools and tricks available from Zebra. Check out this article about Zebra 123Scan.

New Features on Zebra Printers

New color touch screens on Zebra printers greatly improve the navigation of menus and the overall user experience.

Easy and Secure OS Updates for Your Zebra Devices

Perform easy and secure OS updates for your Zebra mobile computers using FOTA. Click to read more.

When to Use BarTender Print Station

Use BarTender Print Station to prevent your label formats from being modified, and to restrict formats available to print.

How To Choose Your Barcode Symbology

Choosing the right barcode symbology for your barcodes can have a big impact. Learn how to choose the right one for your application.

Using Zebra’s PDF Direct

Print PDF documents directly to Zebra Print DNA printers from ERP systems, such as Oracle and SAP, without middleware.

Printer Resolution

If your labels are printing too small or too large, you might have a mismatch between your label format and your printer's resolution.

Using an MDM to Keep Up with OS and SHA

Using a cloud-based MDM (Mobile Device Management) software package for your fleet of industrial mobile computers is essential. Click to learn more!