Mobile Computing

Empower your team to meet the demands of your customers with the latest in mobile computing technology. Enabling data capture, the use of rich applications, and the ability to stay connected like never before. Contact us today!

Customer Solutions

Custom MES Using BarTender

A specialized parts manufacturer was looking to track and record calibration throughout assembly process. This solution involved heavy custom programming as well as short term solutions. Follow along and read about what solutions were implemented for such a complex problem.

Full RFID System to Track Awnings

A company that manufactures awnings needed help with their receiving/picking process as large amounts of inventory were being delivered to their central warehouse. See which solutions EMP landed on in order to provide cover from the storm.

“Pick Me!” A Look into Electronic Shelf Labels

A company was looking for a way to minimize line stoppage in a faced-paced assembly plant. See how this "error-proof" application, using Electronic Shelf Labels, was a success.

Tech Tips

Time to Use Tablets on Forklifts

We here at EMP are finally ready to recommend that all customers move to using tablets on forklifts. After a decade of hoping for this type of technology, Zebra Technologies has finally come out with a tablet that is powerful and rugged enough to be interchangeable for industrial as well as everyday use. Battery operated, bigger screen, and multipurpose driven. Move out of the way VC8300...there's a new kid in town.

Active Sync is Mostly Gone Now

In every trade, every business, somewhere along the way we have to say goodbye to those pioneer tools that we used in the beginning. Back when inventory management technology was first starting to appear, you'd see this application in any number of warehouses. Unfortunately they discontinued this app in 2013. If you're still using Microsoft Active Sync, you should read this.

Could You Be in Airplane Mode?

No data connection on your mobile computer? You might be in airplane mode. Read on to get ahead of this common mistake!

Featured Products

Wearable Computers 

Originally, wearable computers were great in concept, but just didn't quite hit the mark when brought into real life scenarios. Well, that was then, and this is now. We're not usually one to push the latest and the greatest, but man, these wearable computers have gotten better and better.

Zebra MC9400

It's finally here: The Zebra Technologies MC9400. The previous update of this series was more physically noticeable that's for sure. The biggest changes THIS time around are under the hood. Find out what new features the "Brick on a Stick" has this time!

Zebra ET6X Rugged Tablet 

Our "Tech Tip" for this newsletter features reasons for switching to a tablet on a forklift. Valid, tested, and proven reasons. But here, we're going to elaborate on how we finally crossed this threshold. Like any technological , it's hard to think back on how things used to operate when we're so engulfed in the current technology. Like, are you even old enough to remember the last time you used a rotary phone?



Powering Your On-Demand Enterprise

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Zebra Enterprise Mobile Computers can help streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction. These innovative devices offer real-time visibility, enhanced communication, and improved data collection. Imagine the possibilities for your business! You can track inventory, improve order accuracy, and increase efficiency, all while providing a better experience for your customers. Don't fall behind the competition – take action now! Click download and discover how Zebra Enterprise Mobile Computers can transform your business. Let's elevate your success together!