Custom Software

We offer a full suite of programming and hardware integration services to solve your process challenges and help your business achieve its goals. We specialize in designing, engineering, and building fully integrated systems for barcode reading, RFID, track and trace, and machine vision applications. Contact us today!

Areas of Specialization

Auto-ID and Data Collection

Improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of your operations with automatic data collection. We can scope projects on nearly any size budget and are here to help when you're ready to get started. Contact us today!

Validation and Verification

Take quality control to the next level with computer vision systems. Common problems that can be solved with machine vision are checking tolerances, verification of components in an assembly, packaging inspection, and more. Contact us today!

Track and Trace

Highly regulated industries require advanced tracking and traceability solutions. We have many years of experience helping customers across many industries overcome the challenges this can pose to their operations. Contact us today!


Modernized Systems

Speed up production and improve efficiency by upgrading your legacy systems to the latest technology. There is no better time than the present to start tackling the technical debt and maintenance costs being incurred by outmoded and unreliable legacy systems. Contact us today!

Process Improvement

Ditch your error-prone and time-consuming manual processes. We can help your organization implement labeling, barcode scanning, mobile computing, RFID, and automated inspection solutions. Inspire innovation, decrease costs, improve customer satisfaction, and boost your bottom line with hardware and software solutions that will help you grow your business. Contact us today!

Fully-Integrated Solutions

In a perfect world, your systems would talk to each other seamlessly. But in the real world, it is far too common for data to live in silos and be inaccessible by other systems. Our team of systems integration specialists will free your data, and help you eliminate costly manual and duplicate entry. Contact us today to learn more!

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Solutions using Custom Software

Color Rack Labeling

A customer was looking to have a more permanent signage display for their new warehouse. Only they wanted the signs in color. Well, EMP has done a ton of rack labeling for warehouse identification before, but never in color. Follow along to see how the project turned out.

Automotive Manufacturer Gets RFID Upgrade

An automotive manufacturing company already using RFID technology, was getting by with older hardware and software. EMP engineers were able to survey and recommend changes in their workflow to get this plant back up and running to its full potential.

Labeling Insurance

A company was running into issues in their labeling process. They were losing track of assigning the correct labels to products even with a two-step verification process in place. Check out how EMP was able to fix these issues for this medical manufacturer.

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