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Products for Warehousing

Wireless Networking

From the corner office to the far corners of the warehouse, we have the wireless networking products and services to get you the coverage and speed you need.

Mobile Computing

Empower your team to meet the demands of your customers with the latest in mobile computing technology. Enabling data capture, the use of rich applications, and the ability to stay connected like never before. Contact us today!

Label Printers

Be confident you're getting the right label printer for the job. We'll walk you through selecting the right label printer based on your workflow and needs. Contact us today!

Solutions for Warehousing

Color Rack Labeling

A customer was looking to have a more permanent signage display for their new warehouse. Only they wanted the signs in color. Well, EMP has done a ton of rack labeling for warehouse identification before, but never in color. Follow along to see how the project turned out.

Building a Warehouse Wireless Network

A warehousing customer needed to expand the wireless network (WiFi) coverage in their facility. Click to learn how EMP Tech Group delivered.

NBA Team Turns to EMP

An NBA team turned to the engineers at EMP to create an application to help them manage equipment from a sporting goods supplier. Click to read the full solution!

Project Guides for Warehousing

Mobile Computing in the Warehouse Thumbnail

Mobile Computing in the Warehouse

Our Mobile Computing in the Warehouse guide will help you ask the right questions and make the best choices when faced with selecting the right devices for your warehouse.
Warehouse Signage and Rack Labeling

Warehouse Signage and Rack Labeling

Getting the signage and labeling right in your distribution center is a must. Download our warehouse signage and rack labeling guide to learn more!
Wireless Networking In The Warehouse_Page_1

WiFi for Warehouses

Creating a high-performance wireless network in a warehouse can be very challenging. Read our WiFi for Warehouses Project Guide to learn more!
Warehouse Automation Project Guide_Page_1

Warehouse Automation

Taking simple steps can help modernize and automate your warehouse operations. Read our Warehouse Automation Project Guide!