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Printers are critical for businesses, but managing and securing them can be complicated. SOTI Connect is an easy-to-use software tool that lets you manage your organization’s mobile and industrial printers in one place. This lets you focus more on your business and less on printer management.

With SOTI Connect, you can manage many types of printers from one location, no matter where they are located. This software can help you deploy printers faster, monitor their health and performance, and reduce downtime and costs associated with repairs and maintenance. To try SOTI Connect for free, click the button below.

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Take Control of Mobile and Industrial Printers

Zebra ZQ630 Plus

Sometimes printers can have problems even if they are still printing. People don’t usually pay attention to printers unless they stop working. But what causes printer issues? Is it how hot the printhead gets, cryptic security settings, or print darkness settings? With SOTI Connect, you can access over 60 data points which lets you see exactly what’s happening with your printer without having to be in front of it. You don’t have to guess or look at a small screen on the printer to find out what’s wrong. Download a trial today!

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