Handheld Barcode Scanners

Corded or cordless. 1D, 2D or both. Ultra-rugged or retail grade. Handheld barcode scanners come in many different configurations. Contact us today for help picking the best one.

Popular Handheld Barcode Scanners

Zebra Ultra-Rugged DS3600 Series


Zebra ultra-rugged scanners are built for the unique challenges of manufacturing and warehouse tasks. The DS3600 Series stand up to harsh conditions, read at astonishing lengths and speeds, and give workers nonstop, full-shift power.

General Purpose DS9900 Series

General Purpose

The ultimate in performance and design. Handheld and hands-free use, the DS9900 Series delivers optimum performance, whether associates pass items quickly in front of the scanner or pick it up to scan merchandise on the counter or in a cart.


The RS5100’s rugged design is built for industrial environments like the warehouse and manufacturing floor. You also get a long lifecycle, flexible scanning options to meet different needs, and backroom accessories that reduce management time and cost.

Benefits of Handheld Barcode Scanners

Efficient Data Capture

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. Handheld barcode scanners will speed up data capture and greatly reduce errors.

Scan in Any Environment

Scan in any environment with confidence. From retail, to cold storage, or out on the shop floor, there is a scanner built to perform.

Consistent Scanning

Scan any 1D or 2D code even if its dirty or damaged. Scan up close or at long range. Modern barcode scanners provide fast reliable scanning.

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Solutions using Handheld Barcode Scanners

Scan and Print as a Finished Product

A healthcare company was trying to find a way to replicate barcodes within their facilities. The process had to be the most efficient and ready to use out of the box. The best option would be for a simple "Scan and Print Solution".

Adding Data Collection to a Bag Sealer

EMP worked with a medical device manufacturer to inspect the labels on each of their products as they pass through a sealer.

Automotive Parts Tracking

An automotive parts tracking system using a custom web browser application, label printers, and barcode scanners. Click to read more!

Custom Pick to Light Cart

A healthcare company wanted to improve its picking process with a mobile cart. They partnered with the engineers at EMP Technical Group to design a mobile pick to light cart.

Additional Resources

Zebra AutoConfig Fact Sheet
Click to View AutoConfig Fact Sheet

AutoConfig Fact Sheet

You can use AutoConfig to quickly switch your barcode scanner's settings to fit a different workflow or process. Click the thumbnail to download the Fact Sheet.