Why Work For EMP Technical Group?

Since 2005, we've not only made a point to bring high-quality customer service to our clients, we've created an environment for growth. Within that frame are team values, a firm interest in technology, and a strong work/life balance. Located just north of Indianapolis in the town of Westfield, IN, we're a constantly evolving company driven by a passion for problem solving. With 31 employees and competitive benefits, our company culture thrives on working together to find the best solution as a group rather than one individual. From Operations and Tech Services, to Software Engineering and Systems Integrator, all the way to Sales and Marketing. We’re under the conviction that not one solution fits all. We come together to bring customers to the forefront of the conversation by diagnosing a problem, assessing, and choosing the best course of action for that individual customer. If you have a passion for problem solving, demonstrate good work ethic and a great attitude, EMP just might be the place for you. If you’re interested in a position within our group, we're always here to answer questions. You can e-mail us at careers@emptechgroup.com.