Industry Roll Up

The middle-tiered resellers seem to still be making a play to gobble up all the smaller regional AIDC technology companies. But who does it benefit, their shareholders or their customers? Read on to hear Dave Mattingly's opinion on the roll the industry roll ups that still seem to be occurring and how they affect the consumer.

The Rules of ROI Have Changed….Drastically

The world is changing rapidly. So much so that employers and their companies are having to restructure how they operate. Not only that, but sometimes having to pivot at a faster pace. ROI can be a large part of your decision making. See where it's going and what's aspects are leaving indefinitely.

Cloud Based Software in our Industry

Similar to what we're currently seeing with Artificial Intelligence, there was a similar race that started 25 years ago, but with Cloud Technology. There have been great advancements since then, but one product using this technology in particular caught our eye. See which product we're talking about!

Kicking the Spreadsheet Habit

Listen, we love a good spreadsheet. It's a Swiss Army knife when it comes to collecting, calculating, extracting, and hypothesizing data. But sometimes businesses try and use it for everything. Then we have to go in and help them sort it out. See which mistakes can set the foundation for a costly ERP overhaul.

Trying to Use RFID to Cover Up Bad Processes

Sweep it under the rug. Then solve it with RFID. That doesn't always work. Even if you're wanting RFID, you might want to talk to EMP about your operational processes.

We Never Try to Upsell

As a rule, we never criticize our competitors. It's just not our style, and it is not what we are about. Get into the mind of our customer focused intentions by reading the full article.

You Need to be a Technology Company

We touched on this in last month's newsletter. It was titled, "State of the AIDC Industry". In that piece, our president Dave Mattingly, laid out what has worked and what hasn't worked in past years. You can sell all you want, but if technology isn't your identifying trait, then you'll come up short most of the time. So here we are saying once again, "If you want to be in this business you have to sell, but to succeed, well...you have to be technology focused with seasoned experts".

State of the AIDC Industry

The best way to explain where we're going as a niche industry is to reflect on the history that has shaped what it is today. It's difficult to really capture the history when we operate and thrive in such a niche industry. EMP President Dave Mattingly takes us through the different twists and turns that A.I.D.C has journeyed, arriving somewhat optimistic and yet somehow surprised.

The Demise of the Zebra Xi4 Printer

Oh Zebra Xi4...how you will be missed. With its practical and rational operating system. To its easy clean, no nonsense mentality. Unfortunately Zebra stopped manufacturing these not 5 years ago and soon will no longer offer support for repairs. Although, we'll still be able to scrounge up parts for a while, it's safe to say it's time to pivot or upgrade. Check out the history of the Xi4 inside!

Trying to Use a Spreadsheet as a Database

Is it a spreadsheet? Is it a database? What is it? A huge misconception is often thinking that spreadsheets are capable of being utilized as databases. While that may be possible for small scaled data input, you'll find yourself running into problems as you expand your data volume.

AI is Adding Power to Our Solutions

Are machines going to take over? Probably. But until that happens, we should be using AI to increase efficiency and productivity. be in the workplace. It's a symbiotic relationship that we need to embrace and EMP is looking forward to learning how to integrate this new tool.

RFID VS Barcoding

When barcoding was created it took nearly 20 years to finally start taking off in B2C environments like grocery stores. We're now starting to see similar trends of the same thing happening with RFID. Companies like EMP have been researching and using this technology the whole time. Learn how both bring something to the table in their own way.