RFID VS Barcoding

The track record in its sheer existence for both of these technologies is very similar. When barcoding was created it took nearly 20 years to finally start taking off in consumer-based environments like grocery stores. We're now starting to see similar trends and signs of the same thing happening with RFID. Only this time around it's a lot easier to integrate this unique technological advancement into your workspace because companies like EMP have been researching and using this technology the whole time, staying up to date with the most current of turns in the journey. Learn how both bring something to the table in their own way.

The Goldilocks of Technology

We've all been in that situation where we're purchasing something or requesting a service and just can't seem to get comfortable. The plumbing service that quoted you is a large company, and your calls have not been returned. But it's a big job and you don't think a smaller company would have the resources to pull it off. The Goldilocks Conundrum. EMP fits in that "Just Right" scenario for a number of reasons. Here's how.

Printing Labels From Your ERP Software

It's one of those things where we woke up one day and realized that we were experts. That"A-ha" moment. Where we had figured out how to help customers print labels from their ERP software. We have worked with almost all the major ERPs, Oracle, Microsoft, even the ERPs specific to discrete manufacturing like Plex and Epicor. Find out how we do it!

No Scripted Selling

Have you ever been involved in a pitch meeting where, no matter if you've made your decision on whether to buy, the Sales Representative can't stop doing the steps of selling? At EMP, it's a big red flag for us. Customer driven Culture is on a lot of company's minds but see how we approach it differently.

Can You Work From Home?

Work from home works, but not for everyone. Click to read more about our approach to remote work for our team members.

Software Evolution – BarTender Cloud

Software is evolving at a faster pace than ever before. While some platforms are still on-prem only, more business software is moving to the cloud. Bartender, the popular labeling software from Seagull Scientific, recently announced a cloud-based version of their software. Click to read more!

Staying In Our Technology Lane

Steve Jobs once said, “I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done.  Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1,000 things.  You have to pick carefully.”  Jobs is not always the best person to model your personal life after, but we at EMP feel that he had it right on this one.

The Other Companies Can Sell You Hardware

It happened again recently, and the customer was a very large company.  Even with all their IT capabilities, we still found ourselves at one of their sites, running network traces, and helping them determine why their mobile computer transactions were taking so long.

Maximum Profits or Excellent Service?

You can’t have your cake and eat it too, that is the old saying.  Corporate Greed versus Servant Leadership. We pick Servant Leadership.

Passive RFID is Gaining Momentum

It all started with Walmart, this passive RFID for retail thing, in January of 2005. Check out this article to find out where we are today.

Listen, Learn, and Help

No PowerPoints, No Hardware Demos, Just Silence, and then Help.

Repair Your Old Device or Order New?

Should I repair my old device or order a new one?  The answer increasingly is to do both. Read this article to find out more!