Automated Labeling

Automating your labeling process can greatly improve your efficiency and save you money on labor. Labeling machines can be off the shelf or custom built to fit your process. Contact us today!

Popular Products

CTM 360a Series Label Applicator

360a Label Applicator

With the 360a Label Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems, the industry standard has evolved. Incredibly versatile and extremely durable, if you’re in need of an applicator that provides the essentials while also improving work processes.


The 3600a-PA Printer Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems can be mounted in various positions to apply labels to the tops, sides or bottoms of a wide range of products. The 3600a Printer Applicator is highly versitile and configurable to fit your needs.


With a wide range of support, configurations and capabilities, the 3600ST Servo Tamp Label Applicator by CTM Labeling Systems provides ultimate flexibility with your business in mind. Contact us today to get started.


Speed and Efficiency

Manually creating and applying labels can bottleneck your operations and kill productivity. With automated labeling equipment, you can eliminate bottlenecks and greatly improve the speed and efficiency of your printing and labeling processes. Learn how we can make automated labeling work for you, contact us today!

Accuracy and Reliability

Accurate label placement is critical for downstream processes including scanning and sortation. A missing label or a label applied in the wrong spot can cause a ripple effect of lost productivity, errors, and higher costs. With automated labeling equipment, you can be confident your labels will be in the right place every time.


The challenge of automating a labeling process rarely has a one size fits all solution. That's why we work closely with you and our partners at CTM Labeling Solutions to engineer labeling machines that are specifically suited to your labeling application. See how we can help with your automated labeling needs, contact us today!

Solutions using Automated Labeling

Label Print and Apply for Garage Doors

Read how a customer reduced their labeling errors by using a print and apply machine.

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