Label Printers and Supplies

We carry industrial, desktop, and mobile label printers for all your label printing needs. Plus labels and ribbon to keep your printers running smoothly and your products clearly and neatly labeled. For higher volume printing and labeling, we also carry stock and custom print and apply machines and automated label applicators.

Customer Solutions

Who You Gonna’ Call?

Now, we are well aware that Halloween is over. And we're well aware that we as a company don't deal in paranormal activity. Well, at least most of us don't (Marty I'm looking at you). But we are a specialized company to a degree. It seems that most of our projects originate because there's a company, and that company is trying to solve a problem either for themselves or a third-party end user. And somewhere along their process it occurred to them that they did not have expertise to solve the issue. A software company that relies on hardware to execute it's product contacted EMP to help figure out the full solution. From purchase to shipping to integration.

Color Rack Labeling

A customer was looking to have a more permanent signage display for their new warehouse. Only they wanted the signs in color. Well, EMP has done a ton of rack labeling for warehouse identification before, but never in color. Follow along to see how the project turned out.

Scan and Print as a Finished Product

A healthcare company was trying to find a way to replicate barcodes within their facilities. The process had to be the most efficient and ready to use out of the box. The best option would be for a simple "Scan and Print Solution".

Tech Tips

Labels are Always Width by Length

Say it with us, "Labels are always measured width first and then length". It can be confusing purchasing something that is completely unfamiliar to you. Especially if you are just starting out in a company that needs to purchase labels for in house printing. We get it. But we can't tell you how many times we've received an order in the past and they get the dimensions incorrect. Read this short little article to help remind you on the do's and don'ts of purchasing media for your printers and label designer software.

Selecting the Right Label Printer

If you already have a label printer network within your workspace, this is for you. If you have NO label printer network in your facility and intend on purchasing in the near future, this is also for you. No matter where you are in your journey this is a useful bit of knowledge.

Printer Calibration for Your Label Printers

Printer calibration can be the key to maintaining your printer productivity. Here's a brief tutorial on calibrating the Zebra QLn420 and a ZT610 printers.

Featured Products


Labels. It's easy to forget about labels especially for some customers as their initial focus is buying hardware that would consume such labels. But labels are how our company started and what many of our products revolve around, even to this day. And they have come a long way since our first year in business back in the early 2000's. We dive into the variations of labels, their capabilities, and what goes into choosing the right ones for your particular business.

ZT600 Series of Label Printers 

Since Zebra no longer carries support for the Xi4, you'll be happy to know all is not lost. We'll still have some parts for the time being, but it's probably best to start thinking about upgrading. You can trade in your current Xi4 Printer using the GO Zebra Program and upgrade to the Zebra ZT600. Similar to that of the Xi4, but bigger, faster, and still as durable. Read on to find out more!

Color Label Printers, We Have Options!

We have options when it comes to color printing. We offer two lines of color printers, Epson and VIP Color, to choose the right hardware from.