Machine Vision

Machine vision gives you the ability to automate quality inspection, verify assemblies, perform robotic guidance, verify data, and more! Contact us today to see if machine vision is a good fit for your application.



Inspect products and packaging for flaws or defects, check fill levels of containers, and ensure matches between product and expected product.


Machine vision systems are capable of extremely fast and accurate measurements of tolerances, dimensions, and more.


Verify assemblies, barcodes, expected data versus actual data, presence or absence of an object, and much more.

Solutions using Machine Vision

Machine Vision for Wire Inspection

A 100-year-old wire and cable manufacturer turned to EMP Tech Group to engineer a machine vision wire inspection system. Click to read more about the solution!

Making Lubricant Packaging More Efficient with Machine Vision

An automotive lubricant company wanted to improve their quality assurance processes. They turned to EMP Technical Group for a machine vision solution that improved their quality inspection process.

Adding Data Collection to a Bag Sealer

EMP worked with a medical device manufacturer to inspect the labels on each of their products as they pass through a sealer.

Featured Product Posts

Machine Vision with AI Baked In

The need for AI in machine vision applications continues to increase. Cognex recently an InSight Camera with AI integrated.

Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision

We can finally talk about the Zebra Fixed Industrial scanner and Machine Vision Line! Click to find out our thoughts on this new product line.

Additional Resources

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