Real-Time Location Systems

Stop playing hide and seek with your mission critical assets! Real-Time Location Systems give you visibility of your most important items when it counts the most. Contact us today!

Popular Products for Real-Time Locating Systems

Ultra Wideband Solutions - RTLS

Ultra Wideband Solutions

Zebra delivers real-time visibility with Ultra Wideband Solutions (UWB) – an RTLS tracking system that allows for a myriad of asset management applications. Accurately track personnel and equipment indoors and out. The UWB system provides the lowest cost-of-ownership in the industry by improving installation ease, visibility, scalability, performance, asset tracking and tag management.

WhereNet RTLS


The WhereNet real-time location system (RTLS) provides the longest range RTLS capabilities and performance in all environments, including complex and hazardous ones. WhereNet’s long tag-to-sensor range allows you to have real-time visibility and status information on your assets with a cost-effective RTLS network infrastructure.

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

Bluetooth Low Energy

Zebra’s family of Bluetooth® Beacons and Bridges are quickly and easily deployed, available in multiple form factors and price points, and can be used for asset tracking and other location solutions.

Applications for Real-Time Location Systems

Asset Management

Real-time location takes the guesswork out of finding your high-value assets.

Sensing and Monitoring

Keep track of temperature and humidity for sensitive items before it becomes a problem.

Supply Chain Management

Get control over your inventory, increased automation, and data for process improvement.

Solutions for Real-Time Location Systems

Real-Time Part Replenishment

Utilize existing Zebra Material Flow hardware, along with new software, and configuration to deliver real-time part replenishment solution.

Project Guides for Real-Time Location Systems

Real-Time Locating System / Active RFID Project Guide

Real-Time Locating System

Learn more about the commonly used technologies, pros, and cons of a Real-Time Locating System (RTLS). Click to read our guide!