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Popular Software Products

Mobile Device Management Software

Device Management Software

Tame the wild of your mobile device jungle with mobile device management (MDM). Or manage your fleet of printers from the comforts of your desktop with printer device management. These software applications let you efficiently update, troubleshoot, monitor, and customize your settings giving you full control in managing your printer. Contact us today to learn more about these software solutions for your business!

Label Design and Print

Create professional barcode labels, RFID tags, ID badges, and more. Easily create and print basic labels, or take advantage of powerful automation, rich database connectivity, and template management features. Contact us today to learn more about labeling software!

Custom Applications

If there is not an off-the-shelf software solution for what you are trying to do, we will help you build it. Our staff of software developers will write a custom application that will work across all your devices and help you overcome the unique process improvement challenges your business is trying to solve

Customer Solutions

Color Rack Labeling

A customer was looking to have a more permanent signage display for their new warehouse. Only they wanted the signs in color. Well, EMP has done a ton of rack labeling for warehouse identification before, but never in color. Follow along to see how the project turned out.

Automotive Manufacturer Gets RFID Upgrade

An automotive manufacturing company already using RFID technology, was getting by with older hardware and software. EMP engineers were able to survey and recommend changes in their workflow to get this plant back up and running to its full potential.

Labeling Insurance

A company was running into issues in their labeling process. They were losing track of assigning the correct labels to products even with a two-step verification process in place. Check out how EMP was able to fix these issues for this medical manufacturer.

Tech Tips

Active Sync is Mostly Gone Now

In every trade, every business, somewhere along the way we have to say goodbye to those pioneer tools that we used in the beginning. Back when inventory management technology was first starting to appear, you'd see this application in any number of warehouses. Unfortunately they discontinued this app in 2013. If you're still using Microsoft Active Sync, you should read this.

Use a Rapid Development Software Package

MCL: A rapid development application tool that we have been using for many years. It is very cost effective. It's also very stable and easy to use. And finally, you can develop complex applications yourself for mobile computers in a fraction of the time that it would take to write the application from scratch. Learn how!

RFID Site Survey

Have you heard of an "RFID Site Survey"? It's quite similar to a wireless one, and for many reasons is necessary for a company like EMP to conduct in order to best serve you. 95% of the time there is an RFID solution, but you better make sure by doing an RFID site survey before someone starts selling you anything.

Featured Products

MCL Technologies

Yes, you're reading that correctly. We're featuring MCL Technologies TWICE because we can't stress enough how much we utilize this tool. Because sometimes you need an application to happen quickly and be cost effective. Watch the video to see how we design these apps!

Label Printer Device Management

After using it ourselves, we're finally ready to start introducing SOTI Connect. A mobile device management software for printers. You can manage and maintain your printers from the comforts of your computer. Check out the video inside.

Bartender Print Portal

In this month’s newsletter, we talk about printing labels directly, and automatically from your ERP software using BarTender. But there is another use case for BarTender, and that is printing labels from virtually any device, and any location using BarTender Print Portal.