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Mobile Device Management Software

Device Management Software

Tame the wild of your mobile device jungle with mobile device management (MDM). Or manage your fleet of printers from the comforts of your desktop with printer device management. These software applications let you efficiently update, troubleshoot, monitor, and customize your settings giving you full control in managing your printer. Contact us today to learn more about these software solutions for your business!

Label Design and Print

Create professional barcode labels, RFID tags, ID badges, and more. Easily create and print basic labels, or take advantage of powerful automation, rich database connectivity, and template management features. Contact us today to learn more about labeling software!

Custom Applications

If there is not an off-the-shelf software solution for what you are trying to do, we will help you build it. Our staff of software developers will write a custom application that will work across all your devices and help you overcome the unique process improvement challenges your business is trying to solve

Customer Solutions

Custom MES Using BarTender

A specialized parts manufacturer was looking to track and record calibration throughout assembly process. This solution involved heavy custom programming as well as short term solutions. Follow along and read about what solutions were implemented for such a complex problem.

Barrel Inventory Tracking

A metal drum manufacturer needed a complete inventory management upgrade. They needed to improve the tracking of their inventory, from raw material to the finished product. Follow along to discover how EMP was able to track a piece of sheet metal as it evolved into a barrel!

RFID Match Code

A motor oil manufacturer recently converted their inventory to RFID tags in compliance with new mandates. But with the transition they were having trouble verifying the correct labels on the oil canisters passing through the distribution center. Discover what solutions were created by EMP to fix their issues!

Tech Tips

Using BarTender to Send Emails

There's a reason we chose Seagull Scientific's BarTender as our preferred labeling software. It offers so many different tools for various types of customers and environments. We found a best use case for this particular feature that will save you an extra step. See how to set up and start sending e-mails through BarTender software.

How to Encode Your RFID Tags

You're ready to apply your newly purchased RFID tags to your inventory, but you don't know what kind of data needs to be uploaded into the minimal amount of space within a tag. Sound familiar? In this article we cover what really matters when it comes to the data inside an RFID Tag.

Using Zebra’s Mobility DNA Tools

There are 30 applications from Zebra on their version of Android, all meant to make your rugged mobile computers more secure and able to better get the job done. See which ones we think you need to be using and which ones you haven't even thought to use.

Featured Products

BarTender Cloud

We chose BarTender as our go to label printing software package to sell for the same reason that we choose all of the products that we sell. It's the best in the industry. Seagull Scientific's "BarTender Cloud" is no different. Discover the features only available on BarTender Cloud!

EMP Label Printer Starter Kit

We were finding a lot of new Label Printer customers needing labeling software to help them design their labels. And sometimes these customers are small businesses just starting out. Well, seeing this, we figured we'd start making it easier on the customers who just need to plug in and get going. See the benefits and what's all included in our Label Printer Starter Kit!

MCL Technologies

Yes, you're reading that correctly. We're featuring MCL Technologies TWICE because we can't stress enough how much we utilize this tool. Because sometimes you need an application to happen quickly and be cost effective. Watch the video to see how we design these apps!